Social Bridge

EBU Social Bridge on the RealBridge platform allows you to play online within your own social circle – you arrange who your partner and opponents will be, swapping around if you like.

This should suit those who like to play casual bridge online and those who are used to playing Chicago or rubber bridge.

So, all you need to do is find some friends to play with, book and pay in My EBU, and use the link that we will send you back.

  • Three sessions daily
    • 9am-1pm
    • 2pm-6pm
    • 7pm-11pm
  • You can play up to 20 boards at any time during your chosen session.
  • You can have more than four players if you cut in and cut out.
  • £5 for the whole table.
  • The boards now show the results from other tables in the same session, but they do not calculate an IMP or matchpoint score against them.
  • Book and pay by logging in to My EBU -> Utilities -> Book Events. The person making the booking and paying needs to be an EBU member, but your are welcome to have guests playing - you do not need to tell us who they are when you make your booking.
  • We will set up a table for you with your name on and send you a link to give to your players, usually the day before your session starts. If you are not familiar with RealBridge and would like assistance the first time you play, let us know when you notify us which session you want to play.
  • If possible, please try to book 24 hours in advance, although we will try to fit in late bookings where possible. If you do book late, send us an email and wait for confirmation.
  • If you have trouble connecting to RealBridge, please follow the instructions on their website. Additional information is available for issues affecting MacOS 12 or Safari 15 users or for issues affecting iPads that have upgraded to IOS 15.