Women's Selections

The Lady Milne Trophy

17th - 19th April 2015, Birmingham

EBU team

4th SportAccord Mind Games

10th-17th December 2014, Beijing, China

52nd European Teams Championships

21st June – 1st July 2014, Opatija, Croatia

Coach: David Burn

Lady Milne Trophy

11th - 13th April 2014 , CityNorth Hotel, Gormanston, Co. Meath.

World Team Championships

16th - 29th September 2013, Bali, Indonesia

Coach: David Burn

Lady Milne

12th - 14th April 2013, Edinburgh Park, Scotland

NPC: Simon Cope

World Mind Sports Games

9th - 23rd August 2012, Lille, France

Coach: David Burn

European Championships

12th-24th June 2012 , Dublin, Ireland

Coach: David Burn

Venice Cup

October 2011, Veldhoven, The Netherlands

Coach: David Burn