Article index from English Bridge Magazine

This is an index of 'educational' articles from previous issues of English Bridge. At present it includes all 'educational' articles back to February 2007. We hope to be able to add more in future. Of course all articles can be considered 'educational' in some way, and to some readers. This list includes those with the primary function of providing 'a lesson'. In some instances the topic is mixed, or focusses more on a general principle than, for example, a single convention. Please note that only issues more than 12 months old are in the public domain. If no direct link to the magazine is available please access the magazine in My EBU, the member's area of the website. If you find any errors with the links please let us know.

How the list is organised

The articles are sorted in to three categories.

The 'General' articles are those which do not neatly fit in to one of the other categories. They may have numerous 'lessons' within the article, focus on a more 'tactical' approach, or cover a topic such as 'hand evaluation'. Each index is available on an individual page, accessed via the links above.

Searching for an article

To search for a specific topic, identify which page it will be on, and go to that page. Then use your computer's inbuilt search facility to search the page for the specific term. On most computers this is done by pressing ctrl+f, and then entering the desired term in the box which will pop-up. This will highlight where on the page the term can be found. Please note that this will identify articles which include that term in the title. It will not search within the text of the articles. Alternatively... If you need to identify in which index you should search, the general search for facility for the whole website can be used to find whether the term can be found in this index, and where. Insert the text "article index" (speech marks required) alongside the desired term in order to limit the search to the article index only. The search feature is at the top of the menu on the right of the page.

Authors index

Below is a list of all the authors who appear in the article index to date. If you know the author you may prefer to follow the link from the author's name to a list of the articles they have written, and then search within that chronological list.

David Bakhshi Mike Bell Sarah Bell David Bird June Booty
Paul Bowyer Sally Brock Michelle Brunner David Burn Michael Byrne
Chris Chambers Simon Cochemé Simon Cope Heather Dhondy Jeremy Dhondy
Richard Fleet David Gold David Gostyn Paul Hackett Gunnar Hallberg
Frances Hinden Catherine Jagger Chris Jagger Andrew Kambites Stephen Kennedy
Ron Klinger Sandra Landy David Matthews Alan Mould Freddie North
Graham Osborne Derek Patterson Ian Payn Julian Pottage Barry Rigal
Andrew Robson Neil Rosen Ed Scerri Harold Schogger Brian Senior
Marc Smith Tom Townsend