England Representation at the 10th European Transnational Championships

The 10th European Transnational Championships is currently underway in Strasbourg, France. The event has been organised by the European Bridge League in co-operation with the French Bridge Federation.

These Championships include the following competitions: Mixed, Open, Women & Seniors - Pairs 
and Teams and Mixed/Open BAM Teams. 

In the Women's and Open teams the following teams with English representation are progressing well:

The Baker team of Lynn Baker (U.S.A.), Sally Brock (England), Fiona Brown (England) & Karen McCallum (U.S.A.)
beat the Green team of Heather Dhondy (England), Marcia Green (England), Christina Lund Madsen (Denmark), Jovanka Smederevac (France) & Nikica SVER (Croatia) to progress to the final.

They will play the Tri Polar team of Irene Baroni (Italy), Kathrine Bertheau (Sweden), Janice Seamon-Molson (U.S.A.), Nevena Senior (England), Nicola Smith (England) & Anam Tebha (U.S.A.). Team Tri Polar beat the Turkish team Galatasaray SK in their semi-final match.

In the Open Teams, team Black (Peter Bertheau (Sweden), Andrew Black (England), Gunnar Hallberg (England), Simon Hult (Sweden), Andrew McIntosh (England) & Thomas Paske (England) face team Vinciguerra in their Quarterfinal match today (15th June).

In the Open Board-a-Match (BAM) the following teams have English players:

Knottenbelt: Alon Birman (Israel), Oliver Burgess (England), Michael Byrne (England), Ben Handley-Pritchard (England), Maggie Knottenbelt (England) & Dror Padon (Israel)
Orca: Alexander Allfrey (England), Simon Cope (England), Peter Crouch (England), Espen Erichsen (England), Richard Mark Plackett (Wales) & Andrew Robson (England)
Gillis: Ole Berset (Norway), Simon Gillis (England), Erik Saelensminde (Norway) & Odin Svendsen (Norway)
Mossop: Diego Brenner (Brazil), Jason Hackett (England), Paul D Hackett (England), David Mossop (England), Fredrik Nystrom (Sweden) & Frederic Wrang (Sweden)
Austria: Markus Knob (Austria), Louise Selway (England), Clemens Wanha (Austria) & Florian Weiss (Austria)

The Mixed Teams, Mixed Board-a-Match (BAM) and Seniors Teams events have now concluded. 

  • Further detailed information is available via the EBL Website

Schedule of play
3rd to 9th June: Mixed Teams
5th to 9th June: Mixed BAM Teams & Mixed Pairs
3rd to 8th June: Seniors Teams 
6th to 9th June: Seniors Pairs
10th to 17th June: Open Teams
10th to 15th June: Women Teams
13th to 17th June: Open BAM Teams & Open Pairs
13th to 17th June: Women Pairs

June 15, 2023