England Retain Junior Camrose & Peggy Bayer Trophies for 2024

The England teams have won the Junior Camrose and Peggy Bayer organised by Bridge Great Britain. The event was hosted by the Northern Ireland Bridge Union (NIBO) at at Le Mon Hotel and Country Club – Castlereagh, Belfast.  

In the Junior Camrose the England (under 26) team finished top with 157.74 VPs, with the Ireland team finishing in second place with 139.03 VPs. Scotland finished third with 115.91 VPs.

In the Peggy Bayer the England team finished with 190.24 VPs, ahead of Ireland in second place with 151.55 VPs. In third place were Scotland with 118.04 VPs.

Congratulations to all the players:

Junior Camrose Players

1st place, England: Andy Cope, Jack Ronayne, Daniel Winter, Liam Sanderson, Imogen La Chapelle, Liz Gahan (NPC: Michael Byrne) (picture)

2nd place, Ireland: Matthew O'Farrell, Luca Crone, Denise Walsh, Leah Finnegan, Sheila Walsh (NPC: John Phelan)

3rd place, Scotland: Antone Huang, Prajjwal, Kajatan Granops, Jamie Day (NPC: Laura Middleton)

Peggy Bayer Players

1st place, England: Charlotte Bedford, Lucy Norman, Thibault Crosnier, David Sargent, Tom Furness, Henry Rose (NPC: Ewa Wieczorek) (picture)

2nd place, Ireland: Tom Gorey, Isabel Burke, Eve Connell, Klara Flanagan, David Hoyne, Bence Ordsz (NPC: Margaret Murphy)

3rd place, Scotland: Kevin Ren, Alexander Duncan, Niamh Reid, Rachel Yu, Isla Jamieson (NPC: Danny Hamilton)

February 19, 2024