Lady Milne Trophy 2024

Congratulations to the England women's team Nevena Senior, Anne Rosen, Sally Brock, Maggie Knottenbelt, Sally Anoyrkatis and Venetia Anoyrkatis (NPC: Heather Dhondy) (pictured) who at the weekend won the Lady Milne Trophy, the annual women's international event for the home countries, in Gormanstown, Ireland, with a score of 64.89 VPs. Full results are available.

Event venue  CityNorth Hotel in Gormanstown

Programme link 
In the programme, there is a “brief history” on page 3,

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Kibitz via RealBridge 
There will be video commentators at every session.


Northern Ireland
Anne Fitzpatrick & Mary Kelly-Rogers
Clare Watson & Heather Hill
Sandie Millership & Anne Hassan
NPC Helen Hall

Joan Kenny & Jeannie Fitzgerald
Teresa Rigney & Siobhan Part
Gilda Pender & Hilary Dowling-Long
NPC Paul Porteous

Kathleen Vaughan & Noreen Pender
Anna Carr & Margaret Farren
Louise Mitchell & Lucy Phelan
NPC Huey Daly

Ceri Pierce & Mia Deschepper
Jo Copping & Joan Marray
Gilly Clench & Suzi Lawson
NPC Maggie Pierce

Samantha Punch & Anne Symons
Liz McGowan & Fiona McQuaker
Sheila Adamson & Abi Milne
NPC Brian Short

Anne Rosen & Nevena Senior
Sally Brock & Maggie Knottenbelt
Sally Anoykatis & Venetia Anoyrkatis
NPC Heather Dhondy


April 22, 2024