Enjoy Autumn Sun in Turkey

Submitted by English Bridge Union on Wed, 11/05/2022 - 09:31

If you are like me, and love water, then Anatyla, Turkey offers special experiences with a visit to the spectacular Düden Waterfalls, two boat trips and wander round the harbour. As well as the Spa, you can swim in a choice of swimming pools or the Mediterranean Sea.

The Düden waterfalls are made up of two separate groups of cascades known as the Lower Düden waterfalls and the Upper Düden waterfalls. They are approximately 10 kilometres away from each other and are connected by the Düden river, flowing between them. This river moves both under and overground, starting from the mountains and joining the Mediterranean Sea.

The falls both originate in the same place, the Taurus mountains, where the Düden river flows from. But the Düden waterfalls are not formed naturally by a river. They are designed and created by the city’s recycling station, and they are a part of the hydrologic system. The water is carried through canals and pushed through by turbines and payphones. This process is not a simple one, but the results are worth it.

The old town in Anatyla is a small maze featuring beautiful architecture, like the mosque and parks with people relaxing in it. It isn’t huge, but it is big enough to wander around. Cars can’t really drive in the old town so it was such a pleasant escape in the middle of a busy city.

When the sun starts setting, pop to the harbour where local people jump in the water to play with their kids. Walk all the way down to the pier, sit down on the edge, and enjoy a perfect sunset.

The Overseas Congress in Turkey welcomes all club players to a five-star resort with excursions including two boat trips included.

By Cath Fox