Autumn Congress

23rd - 25th October 2020, held on RealBridge*


The qualifier for the Two Star Pairs will take place on Friday in the form of Matchpointed Pairs. From this the top 20 pairs will qualify for the Two Stars Pairs and the next twenty for the Satellite pairs. Anyone wishing to play only on the Friday may do so. Those who don’t qualify for the main finals, and those who choose not to play on the Friday and play only on Saturday, will play in a more traditional style of Swiss Pairs  on the Saturday.  The Two Star Pairs is also the first event in this year’s Championship Series, in which points will be earned towards the Player of the Year Championship. We also have our 2-session multiple teams event on the Sunday for the Eastbourne Bowl (Premier) and the Burlington Cup (Secondary). All non-qualifiers play in the Sussex Cup. Please note: Prizes will be awarded as usual, with a prize pool based on about 17.5% of total entry fees less VAT.



RealBridge is a new online bridge platform currently undergoing extensive testing among clubs and national organisations across the world. Its most distinctive feature is that it uses your computer's camera and microphone (if it has them) to provide video and audio of the players at the table, aiming to replicate the experience of playing face to face. However, players without that capacity will still be able to play by typing comments in the traditional manner. We will provide more information about this as it becomes available and there will be opportunities for players to check their video/audio equipment and try out the playing experience before the Autumn Congress takes place.

To enter

The easiest way to enter is online through My EBU. Log-in and select 'Book Events' from the Utilities menu. You can also call 01296 317203/19 or email

Congress Prices

The prices for this congress are significantly lower than they would have been face to face, but reflect the fact that green-pointed events always attract a premium. Players are also saving a significant amount of money in travel and accommodation costs.

We have been working hard to keep bridge going over the last six months, but with no end in sight we also need to work hard to keep the EBU going. Despite taking advantage of all government support that has been available, making a number of staff redundant and cutting costs everywhere we can, we are still using our reserves at an unsustainable rate. When the furlough scheme comes to an end this will only get worse.

Competitions are one way of raising the money necessary for the EBU's survival and we will be following this pricing strategy for all our online congresses and major competitions.


2019 Two Star Pairs - Ollie Burgess & Heather Dhondy
Satellite Pairs - Shahzaad Natt & Stefano Tommasini
Swiss Pairs - Catherine Curtis & Paul Fegarty
Eastbourne Bowl (Teams main final) - John Sansom, John Hassett, Paul Hackett & Dave Debbage
Burlington Cup (Teams secondary final) - Kiril Delev, Claire Robinson, Qian Li & Tony Ye
Sussex Cup (Consolation teams final) - John Prust, Trupti Shah, Naomi Gibbs & Michael Rawlins

Day Time Event
Friday 23rd 2:00pm - 5:00pm Two Stars Pairs qualifier I (12 x 2-board matches, matchpointed pairs)
6:00pm – 9:00pm Two Stars Pairs qualifier II (12 x 2-board matches, matchpointed pairs)
Saturday 24th 11:00am – 2:20pm Two Stars & Satellite Pairs finals (session 1) (9 x 3-board rounds)
11:00am – 2:15pm Consolation Pairs, session 1 (Swiss Pairs 3x8-board matches)
3:00pm – 6:45pm Two Stars & Satellite Pairs finals (session 2) (10 x 3-board rounds with a tea break)
2:45pm – 7:00pm Consolation Pairs, session 2 (Swiss Pairs 4x8-board matches)
Sunday 25th 11:00am – 2:00pm Teams-of-Four Championships (qualifying round: 24 boards)
3:00pm – 6:30pm Teams-of-Four finals (Eastbourne Bowl & Burlington Cup: 27 boards)
3:00pm – 6:00pm Sussex Cup (for non-qualifiers: 24 boards)
Entry Fees
Period Price
1 Day £35
2 Days £68
3 Days £100

Entry fees are per player and should be made in advance.

Master Points

All events are fully Green Pointed based on rounds/matches won.


Level 4 agreements are permitted in all events.

Venue and Tariff

Due to Covid-19, this event will now be held via online bridge platform RealBridge.

<RealBridge is a new online bridge platform currently being used by the EBU for all congress and trial events. Its most distinctive feature is that it uses your computer's camera and microphone, which you are now required to have, to replicate the experience of playing face to face.