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80 days to go…still lots to tell you about and lots of exploring to do.

Before I give another itinerary suggestion – this time aimed at Mum, Dad & the kids, I thought it would be sensible to tell you about where we are playing our bridge this year. We are back in the Winter Garden’s Floral Hall. When last we were there it had seen better days. As a listed building, the Council had to find the money. There’s still none for the outside as this year’s funds have been used up. EBU Chief Exec Gordon Rainsford & I visited a fortnight ago. Imagine yourself about to step into Dr Who’s TARDIS - I’ve never set foot in a police box but that is exactly what it felt like. Going through the still shabby front door and even though I knew the layout, I was completely taken aback by the splendour of the beautiful building which unfolded before our very eyes. And the building kept giving, down a very elegant staircase and through a set of 4 vast double doors, into the lobby area and the extremely tasteful and light central playing area. The evening image below has curtains drawn but gives an idea of its size and opulence. Oh, to be there sorting my cards and grabbing my bidding box. Can’t wait!

So back to our today’s theme of the Family itinerary. 10 days, starting on:

Saturday 6th Aug: Check in and head to the Beach Deck for Fish & Chips on the beach!

Sunday 7th Aug: A day at leisure on the beach. Good facilities and life guarded beaches between the pier and Wish Tower. Good swimming everywhere and rock pools to the western end.

Monday 8th Aug: A day at the zoo! Drusilla’s has deservedly a first class reputation for entrancing children and adults alike. For more details and to plan your day visit Drusilla's website.

Tuesday 9th Aug: Visit the Long Man of Wilmington in the morning before driving to Litlington for an excellent pub lunch at the Plough & Harrow then follow the road down to Exceat for the Buzz Active Cuckmere for paddle sports of all descriptions. Or walk the path down to the sea. You can reach Exceat by regular bus from Eastbourne.

Wednesday 10th Aug: A day exploring the battlefield (of Hastings) at Battle. A fascinating trip. Find out more information from English Heritage. What would modern day Britain be like if Harold had won?

Thursday 11th – Sunday 14th Aug: A chance to wind down on Thursday before Bridge!

Monday 15th Aug: A little light shopping in Eastbourne and another day at the beach.

Tuesday 16th Aug: Bus up to Beachy Head for the walks, views and the Beachy Head Story, and then head back into town for a stroll on the pier and a final fish & chip lunch.

N.B. Restaurant bookings in this period are advised!

By Ros Wolfarth

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