The Online Summer Meeting - "Virtual Eastbourne"

Virtual Eastbourne, 1st - 9th August 2020

COVID-19 crisis:

Due to the current situation, the Summer Meeting will now be held as a series of online events.

Devonshire Park, Eastbourne

First Weekend: Championship Pairs

Second Weekend: Teams Championship

Progressive Congress (formerly Really Easy Congress)

Midweek Events


Entry Fees

Venue and Tariff place of our Summer Meeting in Eastbourne, which has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are planning a series of online events to take its place during the period 1st-9th August. Precise details of event times, formats and costs, together with information about registering for them will be available soon, but to help you with your planning the schedule will be as follows.

Note: all regular daily games will continue to be provided on BBO for those who don’t want to play in the long events of the Online Summer Meeting.

First Weekend: Championship Pairs

During the first weekend, there will be a Pairs Championship, run in conjunction with Mind Sports Olympiad.

On Saturday 1st August, there will be a 2-session qualifier. This will start at 1pm and run as a single 2x22 board long session with a break in the middle.
On Sunday 2nd August, there will be two or more all-play-all pairs events for the qualifying pairs. There will be 8 tables in each of the main two (or more) finals, with 15x3 board rounds played as Howells with a break in the middle. There will also be a consolation event of similar length, for all other non-qualifying pairs. The events will start at 1pm.

Payment will be in BB$ at the point of registration. Advance entry will not be required.

Midweek - 3-7 Aug

Midweek Knockout Teams

The Knockout Teams event will be a double elimination if suitable numbers enter, with consolation events for those eliminated early – all teams will be guaranteed at least two matches.

Teams will be drawn and set up their own 24-board matches, played daily. If numbers are too large, the final stage will carry on in to the following week, or have more than one match played in a day. Default start time will be 6pm each day, but teams are free to re-schedule earlier or later in the day by mutual agreement.

Midweek Individual Ladders, based on results from our regular daily games:

  • Best six results from the 20 afternoon/evening games
  • Best three results from the five Fast games
  • Progressive Congress (formerly Really Easy Congress)

    A programme of events, games and classes will be run throughout the week by Christine MacFarlane and Jacks Morcombe. Further details to be provided.

    Second Weekend: Teams Championship

    Friday/Saturday - Swiss Teams (Old style with different boards in each match) Friday start 6.30pm, Saturday & Sunday 11am.
    Sunday - Teams finals for top teams, Swiss Teams continue for the rest.

    Extra events

    Discuss with the Experts seminars on Zoom – 11am on 1st Sunday and Monday when boards from the previous day’s pairs events will be in discussed.
    Late-night speedballs at 10.30pm on the two Saturdays – 16 boards each, IMP pairs on the first Saturday.



    Session times

    Championship Pairs

    Saturday 1st - Qualifying sessions

    1pm - 2x22 boards

    Sunday 2nd - Finals and consolation events

    1pm - 15x3 board rounds

    Mid-Week Knockout Teams

    Monday 3rd

    6pm - 24-board matches (reschedule by mutual agreement)

    Tuesday 4th

    6pm - 24-board matches (reschedule by mutual agreement)

    Wednesday 5th

    6pm - 24-board matches (reschedule by mutual agreement)

    Thursday 6th

    6pm - 24-board matches (reschedule by mutual agreement)

    Friday 7th

    6pm - 24-board matches (reschedule by mutual agreement)

    Championship Teams

    Friday 7th - Swiss Teams

    6.30pm - 3x8-board matches

    Saturday 8th - Swiss Teams

    11am - 7x8-board matches with a break after 3 matches

    Sunday 9th - Finals and Swiss Teams

    11am - 4x8-board matches Swiss, - 7x8-board matches main finals

    Progressive Congress

    Monday 3rd - Relaxed Pairs (nine high)

    11am (12 boards)

    Monday 3rd - Zoom welcome and introduction


    Monday 3rd - Swiss Pairs (nine high)

    Evening - Session 1 (5 x 4 boards)

    Tuesday 4th - Relaxed Pairs (nine high)

    11am (12 boards)

    Tuesday 4th - Zoom seminar and hands discussion: defence


    Tuesday 4th - Swiss Pairs (nine high)

    Evening - Session 2 (5 x 4 boards)

    Wednesday 5th - Relaxed Pairs (nine high)

    11am (12 boards)

    Wednesday 5th - EBED Pairs and Zoom discussion


    Wednesday 5th - Teams* (jack high)

    Evening - Session 1 (3 x 6 boards)

    Thursday 6th - Relaxed Pairs (nine high)

    11am (12 boards)

    Thursday 6th - Zoom seminar and hand discussion: doubles


    Thursday 6th - Teams* (jack high)

    Evening - Session 2 (3 x 6 boards)

    *Team may be Swiss or not depending on numbers

    Discuss it with an Expert seminars on Zoom

    Sunday 2nd


    Monday 3rd


    Late-night Speedballs

    Saturday 1st

    10.30pm 16 boards (IMP pairs)

    Saturday 8th

    10.30pm 16 boards

    Entry Fees

    The structure of BBO games means that we have to charge by two different methods

    All pairs games will be paid in BB$ at the point of registration

    Pairs championship

    $40 per person total for the two days


    $1.50 each

    Teams games will be paid in advance to the EBU in sterling

    Phone (01296 317219), email or by My EBU

    Midweek KO teams

    £60 per team (2 matches guaranteed)

    Teams Championship

    £120 per team

    Juniors from any country are entitled to half price entry.

    Master Points

    Master Points

    Green Points will be awarded at usual rates for all the main events. Blue points for the mid-week ladders and Really Easy events.

    These will depend on entry sizes but will be more modest than usual to reflect the lower entry prices of online events compared with our traditional Summer Meeting events. They will be paid in BB$ to players' BBO accounts.

    Systems and online alerting regulations :
    EBU level-4 agreements will be allowed throughout except for the Progressive Congress which will be Level-2 (straightforward agreements).
    EBU online alerting agreements will apply. See the Skyblue book for more details.

    Venue and Tariff

    2020 Information

    Due to Covid-19, this event will be held online. There will be no physical venue.

    Terms and Conditions