National Teams League

The National Teams League is for teams of up to 8 people, with matches played on Wednesday evenings and the dates of the forthcoming seasons, subject to slight variation to accommodate different numbers of teams, are:

Season 6: 1st May - 31st July
Season 7: 4th September - 11th December

The format of this league is as follows:

  • 16-board matches played weekly with seasons of 9 - 13 matches depending on numbers of teams in the division
  • Each match played in halves with compulsory change of opponents
  • Default time and venue will be RealBridge at 7.30pm on Wednesdays, with a TD in attendance, played with screens and written alerts. However, teams may re-arrange and set up their own matches on BBO, or any other platform, at another time if both teams agree. No team may insist on playing as a different time
  • The matches can be played on BBO at the default time if both teams agree
  • Master points will be awarded for all matches and RealBridge games will be graded for the NGS
  • Teams may have up to 8 players and may also use additional substitutes (as many as they wish but each substitute player only once per season) if necessary
  • Teams were assigned to divisions based on their average NGS for the first season and will be assigned to divisions for subsequent seasons based on their performance in the last season
  • New teams for subsequent seasons will also be assigned based on NGS but will usually start one division lower than their average NGS suggests, and this may be limited by the number of teams and divisions for the season
  • At the end of each season at least one and usually two teams will be promoted to the next higher division (if there is one) and usually two teams, occasionally three, will be demoted to the next division down
  • Missed matches will be scored according to the formula in the regulations below
  • Entry fees will be £52 per team for season 7 and the winning team from each division gets free entry to the next season

Dates for future Seasons will be published once confirmed.

Please send any queries to