Diary Changes 2022-23

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the information in the diary is accurate, some changes are made after the diary has gone to print. Please therefore note the following changes and additions to the information in the 2022-2023 diary. Please relate any information below to the relevant information on the 'date pages'. All corrections/updates were added to this page prior to the diary being distributed in September unless noted.

Event/Item Page Notes Added/updated
National Pairs 22 This event will take place on Sunday 26th March, not Saturday 25th Match 05/10/2022
Middlesex Metropolitan Cup 21 This event will now take place on Sunday 27th November, not Saturday 26th November 05/07/2022
Northern Year End Congress 21 This event has been discontinued and will now take place in 2022 or 2023 06/07/2022
Lady Milne Trials first weekend 21 The first weekend of the Lady Milne Trials will now take place from 9th - 11th December, not the 10th - 11th 07/07/2022
Lady Milne Trials second weekend 22 The second weekend of the Lady Milne Trials will now take place from 13th - 15th January 2023, not the 14th - 16th 07/07/2022
Teltscher Trophy Trials 21 The Teltscher Trophy trials will now take place 16th - 18th December, not 17th - 18th 07/07/2022

Changes from previous years: