EBU Score software

EBUScore is now available to download. EBUScore is the bridge scoring program provided and maintained by the English Bridge Union. It is a rebranded version of the popular Jeff Smith suite of scoring software - Pairs Scorer, Teams Scorer and so on. For a while, the programs will look very similar to the Jeff Smith programs.

  • Existing users of the Jeff Smith suite need to note that EBUScore event data files are incompatible - you cannot use EBUScore to access events that were created by PairsScorer, and vice versa. Please see here for more information.

Otherwise, nothing fundamental has changed. EBUScore is available free for affiliated clubs, counties and EBTA (formerly EBUTA) teachers. They can download the software via the ‘new’ Members area (a.k.a. ‘My EBU’). For more information on EBUScore, and further instructions, please visit our help pages.

Teams of Eight Scoring for "Dawes" type matches

Here are some resources for two clubs or counties playing head-to-head teams-of-eight matches in three divisions concurrently.