Scoring software information

There are a number of scoring programs which are compatible with the EBU systems and approved for use at affiliated clubs. These all use a common standard, called USEBIO, which was introduced when Universal Membership came in to effect in 2010. Whatever scoring software you opt for should use this interface to ensure the accurate submission of scores to the EBU and the processing of, amongst other things, Universal Membership, magazine points, Master Points, and the National Grading Scheme (NGS). In July 2014, USEBIO version 1.1 was launched. This was introduced to correct some ‘bugs’ but primarily to allow for the inclusion of Teams results in the NGS calculations. This change was necessary as version 1.0 does not include necessary factors such as the specific seat in which team members are sitting or the ability to calculate cross imps to give a grade to each pair From July 2014 software which uses USEBIO 1.0 will continue to be compatible with the EBU systems, but results for teams games submitted from this software will not by used for NGS calculations:

Universal Membership
Magazine points
Master Points
Pairs events used for NGS calculation
Teams events used for NGS calculation x

The choices for clubs are: • Use a piece of software compliant with USEBIO 1.1 to receive all benefits. • Use software which uses USEBIO 1.0. This will continue to work with all your pairs games now and for the forseeable future. If you run team games then Master Points etc will be processed, but the scores will not be used in NGS calculations. If you do not run teams games then you will be unaffected. • Use software which uses USEBIO 1.0 for your pairs games, and USEBIO 1.1 for your teams games, and receive all benefits.
The different software available:

Program USEBIO 1.0 USEBIO 1.1    
EBUScore - website help
Scorebridge - website  
Duplicate Scorer (Keith Sheppard) - website help
Bridge Scorer (Mike Rothwell) - website help
Bridgescore (Mirna Goacher) website help
BriAn website help

EBUScore has been tried and tested for use with teams games for NGS grading. It is free of charge to affiliated clubs and counties.
Further information on scoring is available in the Club Management Handbook

Last updated: 21st January 2015