The Sunday Telegraph Salver - the history

Awarded annually to the leading master point winner from July to the following June. 

It started in 1964 with a trophy donated by the Sunday Telegraph.

Bridge World said

“The Council of the E.B.U. has gladly accepted the generous offer by the Sunday Telegraph, through the good offices of Mr. R. A. Priday, to provide a new trophy, to be! awarded annually to the player winning the greatest number of Local Points in a year. For the purposes of this competition, the year will run July1st to June 30th. Account will be taken only of points won in Club, County and Congress events (other than those in which "national" points are awarded, e.g .. the "Two Stars" event at Eastbourne). Awards in all national events, i.e. those publicised in the competition brochure, will be excluded.”

From 2011 this has become the calendar year. In the early years only points won in club, county and other local events counted. Now all points earned in the year count.

Last updated 5th January 2024

1964 Mary Edwards (picture)
1965 Mary Edwards
1966 Bob Rowlands
1967 Stuart Staveley
1968 Tony Philpott
1969 Stuart Staveley (picture)
1970 Michael Airey
1971 Tony Sowter
1972 Tony Sowter
1973 Tony Sowter
1974 Mike Walsh
1975 Richard Granville
1976 Richard Granville
1977 Richard Granville
1978 Richard Fleet
1979 Brian Senior
1980 Mrs K I J Parr
1981 Alison Ryecroft
1982 Tony Forrester
1983 James Dutton
1984 Steve Wood
1985 David Burn
1986 John Elliott
1987 Nick Woosnam
1988 Kevin Slee
1989 Not Known
1990 Stan Ritter
1991 Matthew Hoskins
1992 Paul Hackett
1993 Jeremy Dhondy
1994 Paul Hackett (picture)
1995 Matthew Hoskins
1996 John Durden
1997 John Durden
1998 Chris Jagger
1999 John Durden
2000 Jon Williams
2001 Jon Williams
2002 John Young
2003 Jon Williams
2004 Jon Williams
2005 Jon Williams
2006 Jon Williams
2007 Ron Davis
2008 Tim Rees
2009 John Holland
2010 Ed Scerri
2011 Ed Scerri
2012 John Holland
2013 John Holland
2014 John Holland
2015 John Holland
2016 Mike Bell (picture)
2017 John Holland
2018 John Holland
2019 John Holland
2020 Ron Davis
2021 Ron Davis
2022 Jackie Davies