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Dealing with club members

All members of an affiliated club automatically become members of the EBU too, so it is very important that clubs keep their membership lists up to date — telling us when new members join, and when old members leave. This document explains how to do these things.

Seeing your membership list

A club's membership list can be found in My EBU, by logging in with the club account. Once logged in, select the Members tab at the top and you'll find a table listing all of your members. If you don't see a Members tab, it means you are not logged in as the club and will need to find the club EBU number and password.

The table lists the name, EBU number and NGS Grade (where available) of each member. It may also display an icon to show that they are an approved scorer for the club.

Seeing a member's information

To find out more about a member, click on their name. There are three different views you will see, depending on what permission the member has given you.

  • Minimal permission means that you can only see their name, general location and county of affiliation. They have not given you permission to see any personal details.
  • Read Only permission means that you can see their full contact details (address, email address, phone number etc.) but you cannot edit it. If there is anything wrong, the member will have to correct it themselves.
  • Full permission means that you can see their full contact details and edit them.

Full permission is assumed for new members that your club creates, although of course the member has the ability to lower this at their own discretion.

Editing a member's information

If you have Full permission, you will be able to edit the member's information in this screen. Simply amend any boxes that are incorrect, and click the Save Changes button.

There is also a box to tick to make the member a scorer (see below). You can amend this at any permission level.

Revoking a membership

If someone ceases to be a member of the club, for whatever reason, you should revoke their membership. You can do this by selecting the member in the membership list and clicking the Revoke Membership button. This will remove them from your membership list (you can always add them back later if they rejoin) and it may also remove their EBU membership if they don't belong to any other clubs.

Adding a new member

To add a new member to the club, click on the green Add member button above the membership list. You're then presented with a series of questions to help you either find this member or create a new record for them. Please read the options carefully.

They do not have an EBU number

If the new member has never had an EBU record, you will need to create them. It's important that you're sure about this, since otherwise you'll be creating a duplicate record. See the article Dealing with guests for more information. If you're sure, select No on the first question and you will see a form like this:

Enter their name, date of birth (if they're a junior) and click Create Member. This will generate a new EBU number and take you to a more detailed form, where you can enter their contact details and select their preferences and so on.

They do have an EBU number

If they are already a member elsewhere, or have been in the past, or have an EBU number for any other reason, then you don't need to create a new record and simply need to add them to your club list. Select Yes on the first question and you'll be asked if you know their EBU number. If you do, you'll be able to enter it and select the record that appears. If you don't, you can search for them by name.

Enter their name in the boxes, and click Look Up Name. One or more records may appear, and if one of them is your member you can just click on Add member next to their name.

If they don't appear, check the spelling and try it without a forename (perhaps a Tony is recorded as Anthony).

Club Scorers

A club scorer can submit session files on the club's behalf, by logging in to their personal My EBU. To nominate a member as a scorer, select their name in the membership list, check the box that says Tick to make this member a scorer and click Save Changes. You should now see a small pencil icon on their row of the membership list.

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