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Submitting session files

All clubs need to submit their session data to the EBU, so that it can be processed for masterpoints, NGS adjustments, payment of Universal Membership, session history and various other things. This is done by creating a USEBIO file in the scoring program, logging on to My EBU, and submitting it through the Submit interface.

Creating a USEBIO File

If you use EBUScore, you can find instructions on the EBUScore Wiki.

If you use Scorebridge, or one of the several other compatible scoring programs, please consult the documentation. We cannot offer support for third party software.

Important: when you save your USEBIO file, make sure you know where it is! Modern file systems can be confusing, so it's a good idea to make yourself a folder on your desktop, or in My Documents, where you always keep these files and you can't lose them.

What is USEBIO?

USEBIO is a standard file format for bridge data which is maintained by the EBU and used by several bridge organisations around the world. It is an XML file and has the file extension .xml. If your file does not have this extension then you are probably not looking at a USEBIO file. You don't need to know anything further about USEBIO unless you are a programmer; if so, more information can be found at

Submitting a USEBIO file

We'll now go through the steps involved in submitting a USEBIO file through My EBU. There are some notable improvements from the old Members Area, such as the ability to submit multiple files at once, and a much faster process for checking the players.

The Submit page

If you click on the Submit menu item at the top right of My EBU, you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

There are two ways to get files into the system. You can either drag and drop them into the dotted box, which is very useful if you have them showing in a nearby window, or you can click on Browse and navigate through your file system to where they are located. Most browsers will remember the folder you last had open, so you will usually only need to hunt for your files once.

Note: there's no limit to the number of files you submit at once, but since they all appear on the same page at the same time, you might want to stick with at most four or five, to avoid confusion.

Here is a submission with two files.

Two new buttons have appeared: Remove gets rid of the files you've just chosen, and Upload uploads them all to the EBU. You can also click on the icons on each file to remove or upload them one by one.

Casual warning: if you submit multiple files at once, the order that they appear will not necessarily be the order you selected. It depends on how quickly our server reads and processes them. This is unlikely to be important, but if you're particular about keeping your session ID numbers sequential, you'll want to check the dates of each box so you know which one to submit first.

Checking the submission

Each file you submit will create a new box at the bottom of the page. You may need to scroll down to see it. Here's one of our submissions:

This contains the following information:

Description is a text field with a description of the event. It's a good idea to put something in here, especially if you run multiple events on the same date, so you can more easily identify your sessions later.

Session date is the date that the session was played, not the date that the session is being submitted.

Format is the format identifier of the event. You can't change this, but if it looks wrong then you might want to go back to your scoring program and check the settings.

UM Subscription Code identifies what kind of event this is, and is used by the EBU to determine how much you will be charged for it. Please take a moment to check that this is correct because it can waste some time later on to fix this if you have been over- or under-charged. It may also affect things like magazine credits and NGS adjustments. A further explanation of the code you have selected can be found by clicking on the blue information icon.

Please see the documentation if you are unsure which code to use.

Sim Pairs will only appear if the date you have selected matches the date of a Simultaneous Pairs event that you are registered for. If this session should be submitted to that event then you can leave this alone. If this is not intended for the Sim Pairs (perhaps you are running two events on the same day) then you need to choose This is not a Sim Pairs session from the dropdown menu.

Resolve mismatches

Below the session information you will find any mismatches that have been raised by the checking procedure, if there are any. The text that appears should tell you what the problem is, but the most common causes are that an EBU number was not given, or an EBU number was given but did not match the surname of the player. To resolve this, click on the red button to open a form like this:

Here you can search for this player by name or by EBU number. If an EBU number was supplied, it will do this search automatically for you. Any records you find will appear below and if one of them looks correct you just click on the relevant button to add that to your session.

You also have the option to make someone a guest but it's important that you understand what this means before you select this. Guests get none of the benefits from being included in this session.

If this is a brand new player you will need to create them through the membership tab, either as a member of your club or as a potential member.

Submitting the session

Once you have resolved any issues with the submission, the Submit button will turn green which means you can go ahead and submit it. It'll take a few seconds to save, but once it's done you should see it if you go back to the Sessions list and hit the refresh button.

Deleting a session

If you realise you made a mistake and you want to delete the session, this can be done by clicking on the session in the sessions history. At the top of the window you will see a Delete Session button. If you do not see the button that means you cannot delete the session - probably because it has already been processed for masterpoints. Please contact the EBU with the details of the session if you wish to get it removed.

Dealing with Sim Pairs submissions

Ideally, if you're submitting a Sim Pairs session you will mark this during submission, but you might forget to do this, or accidentally do this when you did not mean to. You can correct a mistake by clicking on the session in the session history and looking at the bottom of the page.

If this session should not be a part of the Sim Pairs, then click on the link remove and it will take it out.

If this session should be a part of the Sim Pairs, then click on the link submit and it will include it.

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