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Dealing with members of foreign unions

Sometimes a member of a foreign bridge union will play at your club. This will be common in the border areas near Scotland and Wales, but other parts of the country may also get holidaymakers turning up to play. Typically these people are not members of the EBU. If they are then treat them just like any other member and ask them for their EBU number.

Members of the following NBOs are eligible to have their masterpoints transferred to their home union:

  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland
  • Ireland
  • Malta
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

In order to do this they need to have an EBU record which has been set up with details of their home union membership number. Players who regularly play in EBU clubs and other EBU events will already have an EBU number, so simply ask them what it is, or take their details so you can look them up.

Players who have never played in the EBU before, and who want their masterpoints transferred home, will have to be created as a Potential Member. This will generate an EBU number for them and the masterpoints will be allocated here. They will also have to contact the EBU with details of both their new EBU number and their home union number, so that the transfer can be set up. Once this is done once, it should be automatic thereafter.

Members of unions not listed above won't be able to get their masterpoints transferred back home. If they want to join the EBU they are of course welcome to, otherwise you should just record them as guests.

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