Appeal Focus: Winter 2011

White Book

by Jeremy Dhondy

The L&E are considering re-writing some of the advice in the White Book regarding Claims and Concessions. The law has not changed but the material could be better organised and the committee is keen to give some more detailed advice to assist.

Gordon has produced a Claim Diagram to go with appeal forms to indicate the line of play and position reached at the time of the claim. This should assist both appeal committees and the L&E follow what has gone on at the table.

Here is an example from earlier this year:

Dealer East
Both Vuln
HA Q 10 7 5 3 2
CJ 6 5 2
SA K 9
HK 6
DQ 8
CA K 10 9 7 4
HandSQ 8 6 3 2
DA K J 9 7 6
SJ 10 7 4
HJ 9 8
D10 5 3 2
CQ 3

Contract: 6NT by West
Lead: S5
West claimed 6 diamonds, 5 spades and 2 clubs.
The TD rules that the claim was deficient and awarded 6NT-3.

The committee confirmed that a statement of intended tricks did NOT necessarily mean that this was the line of play to be adopted. Announcing that he had 6 diamonds, 5 spades and 2 clubs is a statement of the total number of tricks being claimed rather than the order of them.