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English Success in French Trials

The final stage of the French Trials were held over the last weekend (24th-26th Jan) in which the French kindly invited over 6 of the top English pairs to participate to aid their selection process.

Mike Bell and Ben Norton achieved the highest score over the first six matches, whilst Ankush Khandelwal and Ben Green achieved the highest score over the final six matches and overall amongst the English delegation

Thanks to the FFB for inviting our players and organising this hugely successful event.

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  • Teshome & Catherine Jagger win Lady Milne Trials Final

    The Lady Milne Trials concluded this weekend, 25th - 26th January 2020 at the West Midlands Bridge Club. The winners were Sarah Teshome & Catherine Jagger who finished on +124 IMPs. In second place were Nicola Smith & Sarah Bell with +103.80 IMPs.

    The pairs were competing to represent England in the Lady Milne Trophy - the home nations women's international championship, which will be hosted in Coventry in April. As hosts for the event this year, England are eligible to field two teams, which will be confirmed on Tuesday. The top six pairs were:

      1st - Sarah Teshome & Catherine Jagger
      2nd - Nicola Smith & Sarah Bell
      3rd - Anne Rosen & Nevena Senior
      4th - Helen Erichsen & Fiona Brown
      5th - Qian Li & Susanna Gross
      6th - Claire Robinson & Heather Bakhshi

    Above rankings are subject to change.

    Brock & Brown win European Women's Trial - Stage 2

    The second stage of the European Women's trial took place over the weekend and finished yesterday at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club.

    Congratulations to the first and second placed pairs, pictured, from left Fiona Brown, Sally Brock, Sarah Bell and Nicola Smith.

    Sally Brock & Fiona Brown finished in first place with 170.68 IPMs, and Nicola Smith & Sarah Bell who finished second with 58.34 IPMs.

    Both pairs will take their place in the England team for the 2020 European Women’s Championship, to be held from the 20th to 27th June 2020, Funchal, Madeira. The EBU Selection Committee will also select a third pair to join them.

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