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Internationals News

Team Mossop wins EBL Open Teams

Congratulations to Team Mossop on their gold medal win at the European Open Champions in the Open Teams in Istanbul, Turkey.

The team is made up of Edward Jones, Thomas Paske, Justin Hackett, Alexander Hydes, David Mossop and Jason Hackett (pictured left to right).

They are the first English team to win a major event at the European Open Championships. They beat the Netherlands Blue team (Danny Molenaar, Berend Van den Bos, Joris Van Lankveld, Tim Verbeek, Ton Bakkeren (cp)) in the final, which saw Mossop take the lead with a very strong third set, and hold on to win by 48 IMPs. The bronze medals went to Rushka (Poland/Russia) and Texan Aces (USA/India/Israel).

2019 European Open Championships

The 9th European Open Championships, which took place in Istanbul, Turkey, over the course of two weeks, has now concluded.

A thrilling final day saw the lead change hands several times before the allocation of the final set of medals was decided.

Congratulations to Team Mossop on winning the Open Teams competition. The team was made up of Jason Hackett, Justin Hackett, Alexander Hydes, Edward Jones, David Mossop and Thomas Paske (picture).

David Gold (England) and Richard Mark Plackett (Wales) finished second in the Jean-Paul Meyer I Pairs, just behind first placed French pair Baptiste Combescure and Cédric Lorenzini. Gunnar Hallberg (England) and Frederic Wrang (Sweden) finished third in the same event.

England also had success winning bronze in both the Women's and Senior's teams events. Team Desadima (Sally Brock, Barbara Drinovec Drnovsek (Slovenia), Marusa Gold, Susanna Gross, Diana Nettleton and Debbie Sandford) won bronze in the Women's Teams and team Penfold (John Holland, David Kendrick, Sandra Penfold, Norman Selway and Brian Senior) won bronze in the Seniors Team event.

Sally Brock inducted to EBL Hall of Fame

image of Sally Brock, EBL President Jan Kamras and EBL E.C. member Jafet Ólafsson (receiving the award on Jon Baldursson's behalf)At a ceremony which took place at the European Open Championships, in Istanbul, Turkey, Sally Brock was inducted into the EBL Hall of Fame.

Sally has played in the European Championships 14 times for Great Britain and England's Women's Team, getting 1st place on five occasions. She has also won numerous other medals, including gold in the Venice Cup and Women's World Olympiad twice.

Sally joins two other English players, Nicola Smith and John Holland, who were recognised and inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017.

The Hall of Fame was established to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the formation EBL, and recognises notable contributions by individuals. Alongside Sally, this year the EBL also recognised Iceland’s Jon Baldursson.

2019 Premier League

The closing date for applications for those wishing to play in the 2019 Premier League is Friday 31st May.

The event takes place over three weekends in the autumn, and acts as an international trial, with the winners of the First Division earning selection to represent England in one weekend of the 2020 Camrose Trophy series, and in the European Champions' Cup 2020, if England qualifies. It is also part of the Championship Series, with points earned towards the Player of the Year competition.