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Internationals News

De Botton team win Premier League

Janet De Botton, David Bakhshi, Tom Townsend, Espen Erichsen, Glyn Liggins & Artur Malinowski have won the Premier League title for 2019.

In second place were the Black team of Andrew Black, David Gold, Gunnar Hallberg, Phil King, Andrew McIntosh & Derek Patterson. The Small team finished in third.

By virtue of their victory, the De Botton team will receive an invitation to represent England in one weekend of the Camrose Trophy.

The Premier League is part of the series of competitions contributing to the Player of the Year Championship. Following this weekends results, there are currently three people in joint first place (Espen Erichsen, David Gold and Glyn Liggins).

In the Second Division, Tim Leslie, Mike Bell, Michael Byrne, Kieran Dyke & Ben Norton (see picture here) finished first. The Penfold team (Sandra Penfold, John Holland, Alan Mould, Kay Preddy, Norman Selway & Brian Senior) finished in second place.

In the Third Division - Paul Hackett, John Sansom, Croz Croswell & Dave Debbage finished in first place, ahead of Paul Fegarty, Catherine Curtis, Mike Scoltock, Peter Lee, Richard Fedrick & Andrew Southwell.

Dhondy team leads Premier League

The team of Heather Dhondy, Brian Callaghan, Barry Myers & Sally Brock lead the First Division after the first weekend of the Premier League. They ended the first round-robin with a 16.16 VP lead over the team of Cameron Small, Jon Cooke, John Cox & Peter Taylor.

The Second Division is being led by the team of Tim Leslie, Mike Bell, Michael Byrne & Kieran Dyke. Paul Hackett, Croz Croswell, Jason Sansom & David Debbage lead the Third Division.

The second and third weekends take place on 26th/27th October and 9th/10th November.

In addition to this being a prestigious competition in its own right, it serves as a trial with the winners of the First Division earning selection to represent England in one weekend of the Camrose Trophy.