Club Management Focus: Summer 2017

Please support the EBED Simultaneous Pairs

EBED Autumn Sim Pairs

September’s EBED Sim Pairs is your penultimate chance to take part in a Sim Pairs this year.

It takes place

  • Monday 4th to Friday 8th September

The EBED Sim Pairs is a chance for those clubs which meet on a Friday to take part.

The profits from this event will go to funding EBED’s work “improving and developing the infrastructure for bridge teaching in England”, which they hope as a club bridge official you will readily identify with. Part of this project has been the development of Fast Track Bridge – which you can read about here – which they hope will create new bridge players from people who would not have been attracted to ‘traditional learning methods’ . Without the support of clubs like yours undertaking such projects would be difficult. We hope you will take part to help support their work.

Information on how to take part is available here

Other Sim Pairs

The final event of the year is the British Autumn Sim Pairs which takes place 2nd to 5th October

A new year of competitions kicks off on 8th – 11th January with the British Winter Sim Pairs. The dates for 2018 are available on the competitions’ calendar or on page 41 of your new EBU diary.

A reminder of some important protocols

As it is permissible to play your heat of the Sim Pairs during the afternoon, it is important that you take necessary steps to ensure that the hands are not known by those playing the evening. Therefore please observe the following protocols:

  • Do not upload sessions to your own website until the evening. This ensures that nobody playing in the evening could look at your website to find out the hands, or see the contracts which do or don’t make. If something must be displayed online that afternoon, please post only a simple list of names and percentages. Ideally you should only upload the full results once the evening sessions have concluded.
  • If your club is holding other playing sessions that afternoon, which may be attended by members who will be playing at other sessions that evening, you should ensure:
    • that any hand records are kept private (and not left lying around in the bar);
    • that discussion of the hands should not take place within earshot of those who may be playing in other heats later in the day;
    • that any results which are displayed in the venue and are visible to other members only show scores, and not contracts etc.

NB: The EBU’s scoring system for the Sim Pairs will identify any members who play twice on the same day, so it is not possible for someone to play at your club in the afternoon, and then play the same hands at another club later in the day.