Club Management Focus: Autumn 2017

Your incoming club officials

At this time of year there are often a number of clubs holding their AGMs and changing committee members.

We hope that in most instance when there are changes on a club’s committee, there is a handover process whereby the outgoing officer explains some of the aspects of the role to the incoming person. If that is not the case, then can we please ask you to make that it standard practice in future – it makes the new committee member feel much more comfortable and confident in the role, and helps them perform it to much better effect.

We recognise, however, that it is sometimes the case that someone at a club has to assume a role in unfortunate circumstances and at short notice. In such instances (or if they have a handover but forget some of it) a useful point of reference is likely to be the Club Management Handbook. This can be accessed by logging in to My EBU as the club, and then choosing the ‘Utilities’ tab – the handbook is found in that menu.

This helps outline some of the jobs each officer will undertake, along with advice on how some can be done. It is often important for some incoming committee members to realise just how much they can do for themselves, and what doesn’t need to be done by the EBU. An example is the management of the club’s membership list, which is done by the club through My EBU and not by the EBU.

The Club Management Handbook also includes more advanced topics to which any committee member, whether a novice or a veteran, may wish to refer.

We are also adding to a wiki page which contains details on some topics which some people find more complicated. The My EBU section covers submitting files, and including guests in your sessions.

Whilst we hope that all the information is available online, or can be imparted by past or present members of the club committee, we certainly would not want any club official to struggle. If you need our help do please ask us.