Club Management Focus: Winter 2019

Play in the 2019 Sim Pairs and support bridge in England

Monday 11th to Thursday 14th March 2019

The Club Stratified Simultaneous Pairs runs like any other EBU simultaneous pairs event; however, the results are stratified into four categories based on Master Point rankings.

The stratification of the results means that each pair can compare their scores to those of players of a similar ranking. This event is therefore an excellent introduction to simultaneous competitions for both players and clubs who have not previously taken part in such events, and particularly for those clubs which have a large number of ‘recent graduates’ from teaching groups.

Relatively inexperienced pairs can play the hands in their normal club session, and once the results have been submitted they can be compared with both the national results, but also the results of those with a comparable ranking. It is also a great opportunity for those in lower rankings to earn Blue Points.

And of course the higher ranked players can complete for the top placings and higher Master Point awards.

Blue points and local points will be awarded to the top third of the overall ranking list. In addition, the top 1/3 of each stratification will get blue points and local points. If you are entitled to overall points and points for your stratification, you will only get the higher of the awards – you won’t get two lots of points.

The overall heat winners on each day of the event will receive £100 per pair. Every host club (excluding those at unaffiliated English clubs) is entered in to a prize draw, with the chance to win £250.

The entry fee is £2.30 per player (in addition to the usual Universal Membership payment) so is the cheapest EBU Sim Pairs event and an inexpensive way to participate in a national competition, enjoy an expert hand commentary and try to win Blue Points.

For further information on the EBU simultaneous pairs events, including the other events which take place during the year and details of the results summary and hand commentaries, please visit and