David Gold wins Player of the Year Competition

Congratulations to David Gold, who has won the 2014/15 Player of the Year Competition.

In the competition players gain points based on finishing in the top places of the most prestigious events on the EBU calendar. David has had a great year, winning the Premier League, Gold Cup, and the Point-a-Board competition at the National Teams Congress. He also finished second in the Crockfords Cup, he reached the semi-finals of the Spring Fours, and was fifth in the Swiss Pairs at the Summer Meeting.

The top finishers in the competition were:

Total Total
1st David Gold 49 12th Jon Cooke 14
2nd= Alexander Allfrey 42 13th= Sandra Penfold 13
2nd= David Bakhshi 42 13th= Brian Senior 13
2nd= Tony Forrester 42 13th= Nevena Senior 13
2nd= Andrew Robson 42 16th= Justin Hackett 12
6th Andrew McIntosh 30 16th= Ed Jones 12
7th= Jeffrey Allerton 24 18th= Michael Byrne 11
7th= Frances Hinden 24 18th= Brian Callaghan 11
7th= Graham Osborne 24 18th= Phil King 11
10th Alex Hydes 22 18th= Waseem Naqvi 11
11th Dror Padon 16

The full list of point winners - over 130 players scored points this year - can be seen here.

The competition will run again in 2015/16, so try to earn points to see your name among the game's elite, gain kudos from your peers, and maybe win £1000. For more information see here.

To be in with the best chance of winning ensure you have entered the Crockfords Cup - entries close on 10th September.