New Laws of Duplicate Bridge - 2017

Please be aware of the 'erratum notice' below

This page is where you can find information on the new Laws of Duplicate Bridge, which have been introduced by the World Bridge Federation in 2017, as it becomes available. The following video provides an introduction to the implementation of the laws, and how it will affect the more commonly encountered scenarios - those covered in our 'How Can I Help You?' series of videos.

The EBU introduced the new laws to its competitions on 1st August to coincide with the updates to the Blue Book and White Book. They should be introduced to other competitions by the end of September. A printed version of the laws is available for purchase now.

Alternatively you can download the pdf version of the book here:

Or they can also be downloaded in various formats from the World Bridge Federation website:

They are available to download on the proviso that they are for individual use only and should not be reproduced in multiple copies or for commercial gain.

For your noticeboards...

We have produced a two page 'poster', which summarises the key points, to display on noticeboards at clubs, or prior to competitions.

WBF/EBL Documents

EBU TD Training Documents

These documents may be used in TD training courses, so if you are intending to attend one you may wish to wait until afterwards before using them.

If you have any specific queries please contact the EBU's Chief Tournament Director, Gordon Rainsford.

Erratum notice

The WBF have issued a notice advising of two errors in the text which they provided for the printing of the law books, and which has only been noticed after the EBU had printed their version of the book. These errors have been corrected in the EBU's pdf version which can be downloaded via the above link, however those purchasing a copy of the book should note the necessary changes. In 'Definitions' Under 'Play', the final sentence should be numbered 4. So the full definition of play reads:

  • 1. The contribution of a card from one’s hand to a trick, including the first card, which is the lead.
  • 2. The aggregate of plays made.
  • 3. The period during which the cards are played.
  • 4. The aggregate of the calls and plays on a board.

In Law 23 C: Law 30B1(b)(ii) should be Law 30B1(b)(i) Further amendment Following a meeting of the WBF Management Committee, Law 26B is amended. In Law 26B: Delete 'either:', delete item 1, delete the number '2'. Law 26B now reads: B. Lead Restrictions When an offending player’s call is withdrawn and it is not replaced by a comparable call, then if he becomes a defender declarer may, at the offender’s partner’s first turn to lead (which may be the opening lead) prohibit offender’s partner from leading any (one) suit which has not been specified in the legal auction by the offender. Such prohibition continues for as long as the offender’s partner retains the lead. We would suggest making a permanent change in your new law book. The alteration can be easily made with a pen (see the necessary correction above), or you can print this document, cut it to a sensible size, and affix it in your book at the top of page 53. If you need us to print a sticker for you with this change please let us know.