System Cards, Editors and System Files

On this page you will find links to various convention cards and also the Bridge For All system file.

Blank cards for personal use

Note that Word files can be edited directly on screen, but PDF files cannot. These have to be printed out and filled in by hand.

You can upload a PDF version of your System Card to My EBU, this is found under 'Utilities' - 'System Cards'.

Help in creating a system card and converting it to a pdf can be found on the EBU Members Wiki under Help Creating a System Card, including how to upload your System Card to My EBU.

Completed cards for personal use

A word for new players If you have learned bridge through the Bridge for All Programme, you will know that both you and your partner are required to have a fully completed system card with you when playing in a duplicate event licensed by the EBU. The system cards (and system files) made available to you through these pages are designed to help you create your card and explain your system based on the material which you have been taught. Foundation Level is approximately the level which you will have reached at the end of BfA Book 1, Level 2 reflects approximately the level which you will have reached at the end of BfA Book 2. Level 2 refers to the system of EBU Licensing which governs the conventions which you may play in a competition. Our “Really Easy” events permit the use of conventions which are classed as Level 2.

* - This card gives two options from which the players could choose - Acol with weak NT, or 5 card majors with strong NT. One would be the default option, and the players could opt for the other when sitting down with each partner - though prolonged discussions on the pros and cons of each should be forbidden.

Bridge for All System Files

Please note that this is a summary of the system - it is not a place to learn how to play. Details of how to learn can be found on our learn to play bridge pages.

Miscellaneous Information

Official WBF Cards for international use

Please note that the WBF cards are only for use in international events, trials etc. They may be used in Level 5 events but their use is not permitted in EBU events below this level.

If you go to this link you will also find blank WBF cards in Word and Excel format, together with links to information about Brown Sticker bids, the guide to completion of the card etc. Links from this page also go to the latest versions of WBF Systems Policy, the WBF Alerting Policy and the WBF Policy on Psychic Bidding.