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Blue Book

The Blue Book is the handbook of of EBU permitted understandings, your first point of reference to find out what you can play in different events.

Skyblue Book

The Skyblue Book was the supplement to the Blue Book and White Book for online bridge, but it has now been absorbed into those two books. The document below provides links to the relevant parts of the Blue Book and White Book for online regulations.

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The White Book

The White Book is the EBU Tournament Directors Guide. It also has useful information for tournament players.

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The 70% rule for Master Points

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* The '70% rule', came into effect from 1st January 2016. The regulation states that for a pairs session to be eligible for Master Points each player must play - or be scheduled to play - at least 70% of the boards in play. See here, or rule 3.1.4 in the Master Point & Licensing Handbook for more details.