Club Focus: Summer 2011


Those of you who can remember when we first launched proposals on universal membership – was it really 4 years ago? – will recall that the platform for this policy was to enhance and revitalise bridge playing in our affiliated clubs. The EBU is a not for profit organisation that ploughs any surplus it makes back in to members’ services and the development of the game. We also made a commitment to streamline administration.

Since implementation of universal membership back in April 2010 we have been looking at the ways in which we can achieve those commitments we made to you.

The development of our own simultaneous pairs software forms another part of this pledge, but what does this mean to our clubs and their members? Simply, it means an easily accessible service with more opportunities to play. It will also enable us to offer a modest reduction in entry fees which can be reduced further through the use of online commentaries and hand records. Please read our article on Simultaneous Pairs in this issue of Club Focus to find out more.

Since the last edition of Club Focus, we have introduced changes to make the National Pairs and NICKO competitions more attractive to clubs. Rebates for members who played in more than 150 club pay-to-play sessions during 2010-11 have now been added to those members’ accounts. The new Regional Club Committees are being set up. You can read about all these developments here, along with other helpful articles on Dealing Machines, Scoring Correction Periods, How to Run an Individual Competition and How to Organise a Bridge Awareness Day, not to mention our featured club – Ripley Bridge Club – and, of course, Miselda’s Bridgoku puzzle and more...

We hope you enjoy this bumper issue of Club Focus and find something in it to help you with the administration of your Club. If you have any articles for inclusion, comments or suggestions, please email the editors Matt and Krys at

Until next time, enjoy your bridge.

Sally Bugden, Chairman EBU