Club Management Focus: Autumn 2016

Host a heat of the Really Easy Afternoon

On Tuesday 27th December we will run another Really Easy Afternoon as part of the Year End Congress. This is a duplicate pairs, held at multiple venues, aimed at less experienced players.

The same hands will also be played at multiple locations around the country, with the competition scored across all the venues.

Heats will also be held at:
The Year End Congress, in London, 3:30pm start
First Class Bridge Academy, Billericay, 1:30pm start
Richmond Bridge Club, 1:30pm start
Sheffield Bridge Club, 1:30pm start
Leeds Bridge Club, 2:00pm start

The event is aimed as an introduction to tournament bridge for less experienced players. Players should therefore be comfortable playing in a club setting, but should be below the rank of Master, and lower than a jack on the NGS.

Please mention the event to the less experienced members of your club, and refer them to the Year End Congress webpage, which we will update when any additional venues are added.

And of course we hope the more experienced members of your club will join us to play in the main events at the congress, or at the Blackpool Year End Congress.

Host a heat at your club

If your club has a large teaching/improvers membership and would be interested in hosting a heat of the event please contact Gordon Rainsford for more information. The event is scored across all the venues and Blue Points are awarded, with extra points available for players who are 6 or below on the NGS. The club organises the heat in co-operation with the EBU, provides a suitable TD and takes half the entry fees. We provide publicity posters, hand records, issue the Blue Points and some modest prizes, as well as certificates to those who do well, both nationally and locally. The cost of entry is £8 for EBU members, and £12 for non-members.

Although the EBU will promote the event as a whole, please note that host clubs are responsible for the promotion of their heat, and we expect each host club to generate enough participants itself for the heat to go ahead.

Looking ahead, Really Easy Afternoons are also held as part of the Easter Festival, Spring Bank Holiday Congress, and Autumn Congress. If you are interested in holding a heat for any of these events please let us know.