Club Focus: Spring 2011

Interesting Competitions for Clubs

by Terence Treeby

Different clubs run different types of competitions, and it can be interesting to hear of events which prove popular with members. This is the first in what we hope will prove to be a series of articles on such competitions which might be of interest to some of our affiliated clubs. If your club runs a competition which would be suitable for inclusion, please email

No. 1 - Torquay Bridge Club Wednesday Ladder

Since introducing this new annual competition for cash prizes the average number of tables on competition evenings has gone up by two tables.

Wednesday ladder rules:

  1. There will be one individual winner decided by a points system.
  2. The final score will consist of a minimum of seven and a maximum of nine duplicate pairs session scores.
  3. To be eligible a player must include sessions played with at least two different partners.
  4. There will be a single-winner movement using either a Howell or arrow-switched movement. All players competing for prizes must be Torquay Bridge Club members. Points will be awarded to each player per session as follows:-
    • 3 points for first place
    • 2 points for second place
    • 1 point for third place
    • 1 point for taking part
    • 1 point for scoring 50% or more

Editors' note: Other clubs could, of course, adapt the above rules to suit their own circumstances, e.g. to run the competition as a monthly event over a year, or weekly over six months, etc. It might also be useful to include a rule covering the allocation of points in the event of a tie for one of the top places.

Terence Treeby