Supporting Youth Bridge

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Our winning team from the recent Peggy Bayer Trophy

This page gives details of all our Junior fundraising efforts and donations towards Youth Bridge and Junior International teams

Raising money for Juniors

The next event on the horizon for juniors is the Channel Trophy in late Dec. Funding needs to be raised for this. It will be around £8,000 for the event.

Following that the juniors will be competing in the European Championships in summer 2024.

Donations for the either/both of the above two events will be gratefully received.

Who is in the squad?

 The full junior squad, from whom selections for specific competitions are made, is listed here.

Thank you to all our 2023 donors:

(Those that wish to remain anonymous are not shown)

Michael Willoughby
Stoke Mandeville Bridge Club - £200 - for all English Junior Squad members   
Faringdon Bridge Club - £200 - for the Under26W team   
Midland Counties Nine-High Series - £350 for Junior Internationals   
Derbyshire County Bridge Association - £300 for all English Junior Squad members   
Buckingham Bridge Club - £105 donation towards supporting youth bridge 

The following donations were received after 1st April 2023:

Jane Jensen 
Jackie Adams
Tim Anderson 
George Coomber
Gloucestershire - £300 donation towards supporting youth bridge 
Aylesbury Bridge Club - £500 donation towards the Junior International funds (they also donated to EBED £428.92 towards the teaching of Junior Bridge) 
Worcestershire - £500 donation towards supporting youth bridge
Paul Barden
Philip Wood
Jeremy Willans
Hants & Isle of Wight CBA - £450 donation towards the Jnr International Squad Fund
Surrey - £1,125 donation towards three Surrey Under-16 Youth Squad members at the World Youth Teams Championships in Veldhoven
Helen Erichsen

List of 2022 donors


Thank you to Jane Street for their sponsorship of the 2023 U26W World Championship team
 Jane Street logo


How to support young players

Young people are the future of our game and we are keen to support them in every way. Funds are limited and we invite donations to help with some of the costs.

If you would like to help fund future youth events, please make a donation using the link below. You can donate in any multiple of £10; just click Add to cart and then specify the number you want. For example, to donate £50 you would order a quantity of 5.

We would like to acknowledge donors by listing them on this page. If you would prefer not to be listed, change the option Public to Private.

Bridge for young people is not just a matter of competitions, but a broad and critically important topic including working with schools, universities and other organizations. Along with our partners in EBED we will be offering more ways to support this work in future.

Click here to donate to youth bridge now