Year End Congress Winners 2023

The Year End Congress took place in London on 27-30 December.

The first event was a 2 day Swiss Pairs which was won by Stefano Tommasini & Ben Norton (pictured) who scored 153 VPs from their 11 matches; 2nd was Sally Brock & Jovi Smederevac with 150 VPs and 3rd was Martin Nygren & Jon Cooke with 149 VPs.

On the 2nd day there was also a Jack High Swiss Pairs and this was won by Steve Mai & Mark Simpson (picture) who won all 6 of their matches to finish on 92 VPs. 2nd place was Paul Saffer & John Melchior with 82 VPs and 3rd was Ian Sidgwick & Paul Spencer with 72 VPs.

Friday brought Mixed and Open Pairs. The Mixed Pairs was won by a comfortably margin by Mike Bell & Sarah Bell (picture) who scored 62.20%; Catherine Seale & Ian Pagan were 2nd (58.60%) and in 3rd place was Hanna Tuus & David Burn (57.82%). Neil Rosen & Brian Senior (picture) were the winners in the Open Pairs with a score of 60.86% ahead of Richard Hillman & Ambrose Holmes-Mackie (59.31%) and Stefano Tommasini & Sebastion Atisen (57.91%).

The final day was Swiss Teams and also an Improvers Pairs run on BBO by Kent CBA. The winners in the Swiss Teams were Mike Bell & Sarah Bell and Stefano Tommasini & Sebastion Atisen (picture) who scored 106 VPs from their 7 matches. The team of Simon Cope & Diana Nettleton and Andrew McIntosh & Sara Moran were 2nd with 98 VPs ahead of the team of Richard Creamer & John Dean and John Pemberton & Adrian La Chapelle in 3rd with 94 VPs.

The winners in the Improvers Pairs were Andrew Tomlinson & Anthony Corry scoring 64.50% across the 2 sessions; in 2nd place were Louise Lewis & Patricia Donaldson (60.56%) and 3rd were Belinda Chantler & Shelagh Rumbelow (59.38%).

Well done to all of them and to all the many other notable achievements in the various events.

Full results are available.


January 2, 2024