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Welcome to the home page for all your Brighton needs this year. Here you will find links to results, articles, important information and photos from the event. We hope you'll check back frequently as this is updated.


Friday 9th Swiss Pairs Session 1 Midnight Speedball
Saturday 10th Swiss Pairs Session 2 One Day Swiss Teams Swiss Pairs Session 3 Midnight Speedball
Sunday 11th Swiss Pairs Session 4 One Day Swiss Teams Open Pairs Open Teams (Red) Open Teams (Blue) Swiss Pairs Overall Ranking
Monday 12th Open Pairs Play With The Experts Pairs Seniors Pairs Qualifier
Tuesday 13th U25 Pairs Championship Session 1 U25 Pairs Championship Session 2 U25 Pairs Championship Overall Ranking Seniors Pairs Semi-final Seniors Consolation Semi-final Open Pairs Tuesday Pairs Championship Seniors Pairs "A" Final Seniors Pairs "B" Final Seniors Consolation Final
Wednesday 14th Open Pairs Seniors Swiss Teams Session 1 Mixed Pivot Teams Midnight Speedball
Thursday 15th Open Pairs Seniors Swiss Teams Session 2 Seniors Swiss Teams Ranking Mixed Pairs Championship
Friday 16th Open Pairs Point-a-Board Teams (Red) Point-a-Board Teams (Blue) Mid-week Knockout Teams Swiss Teams Session 1 Midnight Speedball
Saturday 17th Swiss Teams Session 2 Stratified Swiss Pairs Swiss Teams Session 3 Midnight Speedball
Sunday 18th Teams A Final Session 1 Teams B Final Session 1 Swiss Teams Session 4 Swiss Teams Overall Ranking Stratified Swiss Pairs Teams A Final Session 2 Teams B Final Session 2 Teams A Final Overall Ranking Teams B Final Overall Ranking

Really Easy and Next Step Congress Results

Monday 12th Really Easy Session 1
Tuesday 13th Next Step Session 1 (Blue) Next Step Session 1 (Yellow) Really Easy Session 2 Next Step Session 2 (Blue) Next Step Session 2 (Yellow)
Wednesday 14th Really Easy Session 3 Next Step Swiss Pairs Next Step Teams (yellow) Next Step Teams (blue) Next Step Teams (orange)
Thursday 14th Next Step 3 (yellow) Next Step 3 (blue) Next Step 3(orange)

News and updates

AUG‑19, 09:51
Alastair Kent's team (Andrew Mcintosh, Justin Hackett, Jason Hackett) won the "B" final of the Four Stars teams with a match to go.
AUG‑19, 09:48
Nick Irens' team (Espen Erichsen, David Bakhshi, Eric Berg & Zia Mahmood - not pictured) won the "A" final of the Four Stars teams with a match to go.
AUG‑18, 18:56 Our Pianola report tells us that there were 2374 table sessions played here at Brighton over the last ten days - and that Neil Zussman played more of them than anyone else!
AUG‑18, 18:52 Congratulations to Georgina Wooler who won the £25 prize in the Pianola draw today.
AUG‑18, 18:58
There were joint winners in the one-day Stratified Swiss Pairs, but Wendy Lancaster & Ian Budden (pictured) won the split tie from David Dawson & Christine Dyer. However, David & Christine win the prize for the best score over the whole weekend.
AUG‑18, 17:30
Congratulations to Martin Garvey, Tony Hill, Dan McIntosh & Paul Denning, who won the Brighton Bowl (Swiss Teams).
AUG‑18, 14:21 The midweek knockout teams was won by Michael Byrne's team (Shivam Shah, Mike Bell, Sarah O'Connor, Simon Cope, Basil Letts), who on Friday beat Erland Skjetne's team (Gunnar Hallberg, Alex Hydes, Tom Townsend) by 50 IMPs.
AUG‑18, 13:58 "A" & "B" finals — The top eight teams after Match 10 have qualified to play in the "A" final of the Four Stars Teams today, and the next eight teams play for in the "B" final. The remaining 116 teams continue in the Swiss Teams for the Brighton Bowl.
AUG‑17, 20:29
Congratulations to Tony Verran & Brian Gladman who won the 26 table one-day Stratified Swiss Pairs today.
AUG‑17, 20:05 Eddie Williams has been keeping track of all the boards he and his helpers have dealt during this Brighton Congress, and the total comes to 15,810! Thanks to all the dealers for their part in helping make this event the great success it has been.
AUG‑16, 21:24 As you will be aware, we've been using Pianola to improve our results coverage here at Brighton. You may not know that Pianola does much more than this, especially for club managers. Pianola's founder James Ward will be talking about Pianola's membership database, email marketing and club management reporting tools, at 10:00am on Saturday morning (tomorrow!) in the Cambridge Room.
AUG‑16, 16:58 Our first Point-a-Board teams at Brighton attracted 24 teams this afternoon, and they played in two sections of 12 teams. The Red section was won by Stuart Davies & Irene Robinson and Mike Huggins & Eddie Lucioni, while the Blue section was won by Dan McIntosh & Val Cooper and John Atthey & Steve Raine. The afternoon Open Pairs was won by Sean Mekie & Majka Bilde with 67.86%.
AUG‑15, 23:19
127 pairs played in this year's Mixed Pairs Championship, which was won by Scottish pair Liz McGowan and David Liggat with 66.81%.
AUG‑15, 20:23
Well done Glenis & Michael Curtis who won the Next Step Swiss Pairs in a field of 54 pairs with 110 VPs out of a possible 140.
AUG‑15, 19:31
Congratulations to Anne Catchpole, Kathy Talbot, Denis Talbot and Beryl Kerr, who won the Seniors Swiss Teams with 121 VPs, eight ahead of the next team.
AUG‑15, 17:37
Shahzaad Natt & Tommy Brass won the Thursday afternoon Open Pairs with 65.54%.
AUG‑15, 10:45
Steve Raine & Chris Cooper won the twelve table speedball with 67.09%.
AUG‑14, 22:17 A ramble with Matthew Kime — Matthew shares his Sunday morning with us.
AUG‑14, 14:31 Next Step alerting — John Pain has written a guide to alerting and announcing, aimed at players in the Next Step congress, but it may be helpful to players of other standards too.
AUG‑14, 00:15 The Tuesday Pairs Championship for the GCH Fox Trophy was won by Erlend Skjetne & Tom Townsend with 65.14%.
AUG‑13, 18:40
The Under 19s prize was won by Adam Hanney & Matthew Jones.
AUG‑13, 18:37
Basil Letts & Shivam Shah won the first Under 25s Pairs Championship to be held at Brighton, with an impressive score of 134.73 IMPs over 45 boards.
AUG‑13, 17:37 Patcham Bridge Club brought sixteen pairs to this afternoon's Open Pairs as a club outing, which meant the game ended up having 33 tables. It was won by Alan Jarvis & Phil Godfrey with 64.35%.
AUG‑13, 16:27
The first session of the Next Step Congress has attracted a record 26 tables, and had to be split into two sections!
AUG‑13, 12:48
For the first time at Brighton, we have an Under 25s Pairs Championship. 16 pairs are playing two sessions of IMP pairs, with an extra prize for the best Under 19 pair.
AUG‑13, 00:06 Play With The Experts Pairs — The highest ranking East West pair, Majka Bilde & Tom Paske won the event with 77 IMPs, which was 63.72 above average in their direction.
AUG‑12, 17:42
Dodo Georgevic & Agnes Baxter were the winners of the Monday afternoon Open Pairs.
AUG‑12, 17:14 There were ten tables of fairly new players here for the Really Easy congress seminar this afternoon, with more expected to come back for the first session of bridge this evening.
AUG‑12, 17:11
The first day of Club Director Training with Mike Amos started today with 23 enrolled. Three more days, including tests, before they become Club Directors.
AUG‑11, 23:53 Following our earlier problems with the Pianola server being overwhelmed by the volume of traffic, it is now up and running again, but if you experience any problems accessing it you can also see text files on the EBU website.
AUG‑11, 18:59 Congratulations to Brian Crack, Shirley Goldwin, Diana Avis, Colin Wilson who won the Sunday one-day Swiss Teams for the second year running, and to Sue Taylor, Chris Taylor, Martin Smith, Sandy Smith, who had the best combined Saturday & Sunday score.
AUG‑11, 18:52 There has been so much traffic on Pianola's website with players looking for their results that the servers have been overwhelmed, so we're linking to a text version of the results to look at until they come back on, which will be on Monday morning when the traffic has died down a bit. Earlier session results are still available on Pianola.
AUG‑11, 19:23
In a very exciting finish, John Reardon & Richard Butland (pictured) came from behind to win with 200 VPs, beating Alexander Allfrey & Andrew Robson on 197 VPs and Frazer Morgan & Philip Stephens on 195.
AUG‑11, 16:10 Frazer Morgan & Philip Stephens are still in the lead with only one match to go, but Alexander Allfrey & Andrew Robson have narrowed the gap to 1 VP!
AUG‑11, 15:12 After 12 matches, the lead in the Swiss Pairs has been taken by young Scottish pair Frazer Morgan and Philip Stephens, who are on 176 VPs, three ahead of Alexander Allfrey & Andrew Robson.
AUG‑11, 10:55 Saturday's midnight speedball was Swiss Teams, and seventeen teams took part. The winners with 64 VPs out of a possible 80 were Sean Mckie, John Atthey, Simon Cope, Erland Skjetne, three VPs ahead Tom Paske's team.
AUG‑11, 09:42 Alexander Allfrey and Andrew Robson are the current leaders with 151 VPs, followed by Jeremy Richard & Robert Glass on 148 and Rickard Butland & John Reardon with 147. Onwards to the final stretch!
AUG‑10, 19:44 Congratulations to David Parkinson, Marco Alcalay, Pat Alcalay, Barbara Schultz who won today's one-day Swiss Teams, on a split tie from Gun Rohnisch, Margaret Runfors, Andrea Muliar, Peter Steiner - two visiting pairs from abroad who were introduced at the EBU desk.
AUG‑10, 11:18 Here's a hand with a spectacular result from the first session of the Swiss Pairs.
AUG‑10, 09:05 Graeme Robertson & Majke Bilde won the Midnight Speedball with 60.92%, just ahead of Corwen Trophy holders Doug Andrews & Marten Wortel.
AUG‑10, 08:48 Liz McGowan and David Liggatt are the overnight leaders with 56 VPs, but there are ten pairs with 50 VPs or more out of a possible 60.
AUG‑09, 11:37
All the TDs now have new uniforms. Look for the red polo shirts!
AUG‑09, 10:40
The tables are all set up. There's just one minor thing missing - the players!
AUG‑07, 16:21
At EBU HQ we're all busy preparing for our trip to Brighton. The vans arrive in the morning to load up a couple of rooms full of equipment.
AUG‑07, 12:29 All about system cards — Mike and Sarah Amos take you through some of the do's and don'ts of filling out a system card.