Club Management Focus: Summer 2016

Is everyone at your club getting English Bridge?

Every time a new copy of English Bridge is posted to eligible members an email is sent to every member to inform them that the new magazine is out.

We know, however, that not every member uses email – and even if they do we may not have their address – so some members be unaware that a new magazine is out. If it then doesn’t arrive, for whatever reason, they are none-the-wiser that one should have been delivered.

We would therefore ask that you make your members aware that magazines are usually delivered at the start of every even-numbered month – February, April etc – so if they are expecting one, and it hasn’t been received by the middle of the month, then some action should be taken.

In such instances we encourage them to contact us to let us know. If they ring 01296 317201 or email and give their EBU number we will be able to investigate and identify why they haven’t been receiving a copy.

Magazine Points

One thing to emphasise is that a magazine is not automatically sent to every member. It is only sent to those with sufficient Magazine Points, which are earned by playing sessions at an affiliated club, or in an EBU congress. In basic terms, to receive each issue the member should play at least twelve sessions in the year. This scheme came in to effect at the time of the introduction of Universal Membership. You can read more about magazine points here -

So, if a member mentions they haven’t had a magazine for a while, consider whether they have been playing sufficiently to be eligible. “Fred hasn’t had a copy in a while, which is a shame as although he hasn’t played bridge at all for a few years he still likes to read about it” – sorry, Fred, you almost certainly don’t have enough Magazine Points to be eligible to receive a copy.

Checking their details and preferences

One source of missing magazines is an incorrect address. The club can help us and the members by ensuring that the membership details are up-to-date. Please check your members’ details on a regular basis, and also ensure that the updates are made to the information that is shared with us, and not just on the club’s own database. For help on how to make updates watch video 2 here:

Sometimes a magazine hasn’t been sent to a member because at some point their preferences have been changed to say they no longer wish to receive one. Members who are familiar with the EBU website can check on My EBU by choosing ‘My Details’ from the Account option in the top right of the page. If the ‘Receive paper magazine’ box has been ‘un-ticked’ then they will need to ‘re-tick’ it to opt back in to receiving a printed copy in future.

Don't suffer in silence

The main thing to emphasise is that the member should say something. We are happy to try to resolve every problem. In some instances it may be for no other reason than it went missing somewhere in the postal service. But if they don’t tell us it’s missing, we won’t know to resend it. So please let your members know to get in touch.