Year End Online Congress Results

The winners of the Swiss Pairs competition at the Year End Online Congress between Christmas and New Year were Derek Maggs & Phil Norman with 168 VPs. Second place went to Ollie Burgess & Susanna Gross with 164 VPs. Joint in third place were three pairs, Malcolm Pollack & Malcolm Burch, Gunnar Hallberg & Stefan Lindfors and Stefano Tommasini & Ben Norton all finishing with 158 VPs.

The Swiss Teams competition was won by the team of Graham Sadie, Patrick Shields, Paul Denning & Richard Chamberlain who finished on 111 VPs. In second place were the team of Margaret Nygren, Martin Nygren,
Phil King & Kevin Castner on 107 VPs. Joint in third place were the teams of Brian Senior, Nigel Bird, Nevena Senior & Diana Nettleton and the team of Thor Erik Hoftaniska, Tom Townsend, Janet De Botton & Artur Malinowskiwho who both finished with 100 VPs.

The Open Pairs competition was won by Jason Hackett & John Sansom, ahead of Tom Dessain & Tugrul Kaban in second place. The Mixed Pairs competition was won by Ian Draper & Anne Rosen, just ahead of
Gaynor Williams & John Wilmott.

The new Jack High Swiss Pairs (aimed at players with an NGS rating of no higher than a Jack) was won by Ann Robinson & Gordon Clark, they finished with a score of 60.54%. In second place were Junko Harris & Noriko Horsley with a socre of 58.51%.

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