Easter Festival, London

Royal National Hotel, London, WC1H 0DG, 30th March - 02nd April 2018

Change in format for Monday, with a new competition for lower ranked players

An early start option is available on Friday

There will be an early start option available on Friday in the Championship Pairs, will play beginning at 2pm for those who wish to finish earlier. We hope this will help those who wish to play and also take part in religious and cultural events in the evening. In response to requests from players this first session has now been extended and with be about 30 boards.

The usual start time of 4pm on the first day is still available for those who wish to begin later in the afternoon.

If you wish to take advantage of the early start option then please let us know when entering. Please help us to make the necessary arrangements by notifying us of your intentions although if you do not specify a starting time we will assume that you wish to start at the traditional time of 4pm.

Event format

The Championship Pairs is a ‘stratified’ three-session event scored across the field, with the first session being slightly longer that the other two. Prizes and Master Points awarded in three categories: below Premier Regional Master, below Premier Life Master & Open.
Please note that play on Saturday will start at 11:45, and an early start option is available on Friday).
The Championships Pairs is part of the Championship Series, in which points can be earned towards the Player of the Year Championship.

The Swiss Teams on Sunday is a two-session event with seven 7-board matches in all. The event is now also a stratified event

Under 21 Pairs Championship – an event in the youth calendar
Saturday 31st March, at noon (likely finish around 6:30pm)
A championship pairs event for those aged under 21 years of age on 31st December 2018 (so born more recently than 1st January 1998). The event is free to enter, but entries should be made in advance (ideally by 16th March) to the Competitions Department. When entering please state your EBU number and date of birth.
Participants also have the opportunity for free entry into the Swiss Teams on Sunday 1st, and half price entry to the Swiss Pairs on Monday 2nd.

Change in format for Monday

Monday now offers two options:

Stratified Swiss Pairs - open to all with seven 7-board matches. In a change from previous years, this competition is no longer 'flighted'.

New: Jack High Swiss Pairs.
This new event is aimed at club players who are interested in taking the first steps into congress bridge but who may have found it daunting to jump straight into a major congress event.
In order to qualify to play in this event, you must have an NGS of no higher than ‘Jack’ at the time of entering. We envisage that at the lower end, players will be ‘7’ or higher. The event will be stratified too so that there are extra Master Points and an extra prize available for pairs of players both ranked ‘9’ or lower.
The format will be six 6-board matches with a break after three matches.
This competition is priced at a discounted rated to encourage new participants to congress bridge.

Holders - 2017

Championships Pairs - David Bakhshi & Ollie Burgess
Swiss Teams - Shahzaad Natt, Kiril Delev, Stefano Tommasini, Szczepan Smoczynski, Peter Ivanov
Swiss Pairs A Flight - Ben Green & Alistair Kent; B Flight - Tony Ye & Xiaojia Rao
Under 21 Pairs - Theo Anoyrkatis & Sam Anoyrkatis






2.00pm - 5.50pm

Championship Pairs, session 1 (early start option *)

4.00pm - 7.50pm

Championship Pairs, session 1


11.45am - 3.00pm

Championship Pairs, session 2

12.00pm - 6.30pm

Under 21 Championship Pairs

4.00pm - 7.30pm

Championship Pairs, session 3


11.30am - 2.30pm

Stratified Swiss Teams 1 (three x 7-board matches)

3.30pm -7.30pm

Stratified Swiss Teams 2 (four x 7-board matches)


11.30am - 2.30pm

Swiss Pairs 1 (three x 7-board matches)

11.30am - 2.15pm

Jack High Swiss Pairs 1 (three x 6-board matches)

3.15pm - 6.00pm

Jack High Swiss Pairs 2 (three x 6-board matches)

3.30pm - 7.30pm

Swiss Pairs 2 (four x 7-board matches)

* - please tell us if you intend starting at 2pm

Entry Fees


Full Congress



Championship Pairs



Swiss Teams



Swiss Pairs



Jack High Swiss Pairs



Championship Pairs plus Teams



Both Pairs



Both Swiss



Under 21 Championship Pairs


Note - when booking for any combination which includes the Championship Pairs, please confirm your preferred starting time for the Championship Pairs. When booking online options A2, A4 etc. are provided for the purpose.

Please enter by 23rd March if possible, however entries can be made later, and at the venue if necessary. All entry fees are per person

Master Points

Championship Pairs: Green Points to the top half of the field
within each stratification.
Swiss Pairs, Jack High Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams: fully Green Pointed.
U21 Pairs: Blue Points awarded


Level 4 agreements are permitted in all events.

Venue and Tariff

The congress takes place at the Royal National Hotel, 38-51 Bedford Way, Russell Square, London WC1H 0DG. MAP

2018 rates

The Imperial Hotel (a sister hotel of the Royal National, 100 yards away) is offering a four night package rate based on single-bedded rooms at the rate of £284.00 per person. The three night package rate is £238.00 per person in single-bedded rooms.

The Package rates include:

  • 3-4 nights Accommodation in single rooms at the Imperial Hotel
  • English breakfast each morning
  • Two three course meals (lunch and dinner) in any of the hotel restaurants within the group
  • Free car parking space for 3-4 days in the underground hotel garage (whichever is appropriable)

With regret the hotel will not be able to offer twin/double bedded rooms (at any of the hotels).

Those persons staying fewer than four nights or any additional nights, when booked in conjunction with the proposed packages, will be charged at the following rates:

Imperial Hotel: sw/b £110.00
Per room per night including English breakfast inc VAT.

Those wishing to make reservations please contact the Central Reservation Office on:
Tel: 020 7278 7871 Fax: 020 7837 4653 Email: info@imperialhotels.co.uk

EBU Policy on Venue Hotels

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