Updates from Aylesbury 4th May 2023

Update from the Competitions Working Group

A poster showing the Upcoming EBU events, is attached. Please consider adding this to your club/county website and encourage your members to enter online via My EBU.

Please remind your members that applications for the 2023/24 Gerard Faulkner Salver, the popular Seniors Knockout Teams event, are now open and will close on 12th July.

This year the Crockfords Cup will be played in a new format. Teams will be drawn in groups of four and will play a match against each of the other three teams in the group, so all non-seeded teams will be guaranteed three matches. The top two teams from each group will go on to the knockout stage of the event, when the seeded teams will also participate.

There will be no separate Crockfords Plate knockout, but the eight winning teams from the group of sixteen will qualify for the main Crockfords Cup final while the eight losing teams will qualify for the Crockfords Plate final. The format of these finals will remain as at present. Entries are now open and will close on 13th Oct 2023.

Making the most of your club website: seminar

Many thanks to all who attended our recent seminar on club websites. We were delighted to see the level of interest and also heard your requests for more on this subject, which we will take account of in our plans for future events.

We are glad to say that a recording of this seminar is now available.

We also have a number of handouts:

James Ward from Pianola recommends these case studies for understanding what Pianola can do.

We are keen for bridge sites to be helpful to enquirers interested in learning bridge. Ideally clubs will have their own courses to recommend, but if not, please do link the EBU Learn to Play Bridge page.

For further help with your website, please contact tim@ebu.co.uk or jonathan@ebu.co.uk

Club Affiliation Fees

As reminder, if you have not already done so, please pay your annual subscriptions and club insurance.

Please note the current club terms of affiliation along with the updated UMS charges for this financial year, as agreed at the last AGM.

We are very grateful to Worcestershire CBA for paying their clubs' affiliation fees for all affiliated clubs in their area, as they have done for the past few years. If your county is in a good financial position, and would like to contribute to your clubs' affiliation fees, please contact gail@ebu.co.uk.

Club directory – please update your club details

A reminder for clubs, please check your club details in the Club Directory and submit our online club details form. Please log in to check ALL your clubs details are still correct. More information is available via the help link on the club directory page.

Counties, please also update your county officials' details online, county details form.

Bridge Warehouse

Coronation Special Offer (Affiliated Clubs only)

1 box of 10 dozen Superluxe Playing Cards (EBU0051B) Normally £165.00 per box NOW £145.00 saving a huge £20.00 per box. Online orders only. Use code KING to obtain your discount. Offer ends Friday 19th May.

Club Director Training

EBED offers training to help you become a club director. Courses are currently scheduled in Richmond, Chester, Darlington, Winchester, South Bucks and Stamford.  See the director training calendar for details. For more about these courses visit the EBED website or contact mark@ebedcio.org.uk.

Directing Courses – delivered online

For those wishing to gain an introduction to face-to-face directing at their club EBED is offering the “How to run a club duplicate” session delivered over Zoom, 15/16 May.

Also, you can be trained to use the EBUScore scoring program via an online session on 23 May details of EBUScore Training.

For any queries related to director training courses, please contact Mark on 01296 317218 (mark@ebedcio.org.uk). All our current dates are listed on the TD Course Calendar and are bookable through My EBU, or by phone (call Lisa on 01296 317217).

Train to become a bridge teacher

Have you or any of your club members ever thought about becoming a bridge teacher? Why not join one of the upcoming Club Teacher Training courses run by English Bridge Education & Development (EBED). For 2023 the course dates are:

  • Solihull (West Midlands BC): 20-21 May
  • York BC: Postponed
  • Cheltenham BC : 8-9 July (Fully booked)
  • Exeter Library: 16-17 September

New autumn dates will be planned for Aylesbury and Lancashire, details available soon.

The 2-day courses give aspiring bridge teachers the skills to teach bridge effectively. As an EBU affiliated club, you are eligible for discounts or concessionary places. If you are interested, please contact Mark on 01296 317218 (mark@ebedcio.org.uk).

Club Celebrations

If your club is celebrating an anniversary or special occasion, let us know, email sam@ebu.co.uk.

Diary "Opt In" - Check with New Members

Please check with any new club members that they are aware of the EBU diary and that they will need to "opt in" to receive their copy in September. Members can do this by either logging in to My EBU or calling us on 01296 317200.

Social Media and Blogs

Please let us know if you would like to suggest a blog article that can then be shared across social media. There is no cost for this, and we welcome your ideas.

If you would like to write a blog, please email sam@ebu.co.uk.

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