Crockfords Cup

UPDATED 26/10/23 Group Stage Play By Date: 13th Mar 2024 Knockout Stages: Play By Date 14th August 2024 Final: 21st – 22nd Sep 2024 Venue: Coventry & North Warwickshire Bridge Club


The Crockfords Cup

- England's premier teams championship!

2023-24 Round Draw

England's premier teams championship, with a knockout qualification and an eight-team final. The competition is part of the Championship Series, in which points can be earned towards the Player of the Year Championship

New Format for 2023/24

The entry fee will be reduced (see below) but there will be a further fee of £100 per team for those who qualify to play in the finals.

Teams will be drawn in groups of four and will play a match against each of the other three teams in the group, so all non-seeded teams will be guaranteed three matches. Any team in each round robin (RR) group that plays its three matches and wins at least two of them, will go on to the knockout stage of the event, when the seeded teams will also participate. No team that concedes a match without playing it may proceed to the knockout stage.

There will be no separate Crockfords Plate knockout, but the eight winning teams from the group of sixteen will qualify for the main Crockfords Cup final while the eight losing teams will qualify for the Crockfords Plate final. The format of these finals will remain as at present.

Later rounds of this event will be face-to-face but teams are asked to indicate their prefernce for playing online or face-to-face, which will be used in the round-robin stage of the draw and teams must abide by their stated choice. Although this will also be taken into account for the draw for the knockout stages if possible, all teams must be willing to play those stages face-to-face if necessary. Prices for Crockfords entries are based on the previous face to face iteration.


2022/23 Crockfords Cup; 2022/23 Crockfords Plate
2021/22 Crockfords Cup; 2021/22 Crockfords Plate

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To enter

By entering an EBU congress or event you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out in the Terms and Conditions document.

Entries for the 2023 event closed on 13th October 2023.

Please can entrants who wish to play online contact so that those wishing to play online can be drawn against one another in the first few rounds (depending on number of online applicants). Note that the competition will default to face to face and we won't be able to guarantee online opposition after a couple of rounds.



Cup -  Sarah Bell, Stefano Tommasini, Ben Norton, Mike Bell & Tim Leslie

Plate - Tim Brierley, Graham Hartley, Harry Anoyrkatis & Jim Grant

Cup Play by Date
Group Stage All three matches 13th March 2024
Knockout Stage Match 1 8th May 2024
Knockout Stage Match 2 26th June 2024
Knockout Stage Match 3 14th August 2024
Cup Final 21st - 22nd September 2024
Plate Final 21st - 22nd September 2024
Knockout stage match deadlines now put back by one week
Entry Fees
The entry fee for 2023/24 is £86 per team (please note: there will be an additional charge of £100 for teams that make the finals).
Entries for 2023/24 have now closed

Master Points

This is a Green Point event, with the following awards.

Green Points are 1 for each of the first matches won, plus an extra 1 for a team that is unbeaten over three matches. Then 2, 3, 4 for the subsequent rounds. A team that wins two matches and is conceded their third by their opponents without playing it will get 1 Green Point for each of their two wins plus another 1 for being unbeaten. (Note that the unbeaten team are not allowed to concede the third match themselves without playing it)

Crockfords Cup

Round RR I II III Final
GPs 1 each 2 3 4 see below

Cup Final: 1 Green Point per match won (0.5 for a draw) plus ranking points to the top four teams: 1st 24; 2nd 12; 3rd 7; 4th 3.
Plate Final: 50% of awards for Cup


Level 5 agreements are permitted in this event.

Venue and Tariff

Coventry & North Warwickshire Bridge Club