EBU Update - 7th July 2022

Below is your monthly update from the EBU. Please note there are a number of important topics covered in the below. This email is also available on the EBU website, along with all past EBU Updates, here.

Would your club/county like to stage a heat of a National Competition?

We would like to invite your club or county to stage a heat of this exciting competition which will be played either f2f or online at clubs and counties around the country on Sunday 4th September. This is an opportunity for your members to compete on equal terms with players across the country for the title of National Handicap Pairs Champions 2022. Details of the event are on the EBU website at National Handicap Pairs.

Please confirm your intention to organise a heat of this event to Sam by email to sam@ebu.co.uk or replying to this email, stating whether it will be f2f or online and the cost of entry which will be £3 (EBU) per player plus whatever the club decides to charge.

Also, later this month we have the British Summer Sim Pairs taking place from 25th - 28th July. if you club has not already signed up to take part, this is a good time to think about doing so. Full details can be found on the Sim Pairs page of the EBU website, or email sam@ebu.co.uk for more details.

New seminar: Building club membership in the new world of face to face and online

We are running a follow-up virtual seminar to April’s session on rebuilding your club after lockdown. The seminar is on Zoom, 27th July at 10.00am.

These are challenging times for many clubs. We know that most clubs have resumed face to face bridge, but in many cases numbers are below what they were in early 2020. Online bridge remains popular though numbers there have fallen too, partly because of resumption of face to face bridge, and partly from increased competition for people’s time. We are also aware of the urgent need to bring more people into bridge and into our clubs, with many clubs having an elderly membership.

At this seminar you will hear from other clubs how they are meeting these challenges, and from the EBU and EBED about what we are doing to support you. We will show our new online club directory in preparation, and explain how to make sure your club will be well presented there. We will update you on what we are doing for bridge teaching. Most important, we want to hear from you how we can help you build club membership. 

You do not need to have been at the previous event to join this one, but if you want to catch up the earlier event is on the EBU YouTube channel.

Please contact sam@ebu.co.uk or reply to this email to reserve your spot now to help us plan the event.

EBU Summer Meeting

There are now just 35 days until the big bridge event of the summer the EBU Summer Meeting! We hope this years return to the Floral Gardens will be a roaring success. Please remind your members to book as soon as possible. Local Eastbourne resident Ros Wolfarth has provided us with three “Wish you were here” blogs:

If you have not done so already, please read and share the above with your members via social media.

Nominations for Awards

Nominations can now be made for both a Silver Award and a Dimmie Fleming Award. The Silver Award is given for outstanding contribution and recognition of long service as a volunteer at national and/or County level. The Dimmie Fleming Award recognises those who have made a significant contribution to county bridge through voluntary work over a long period.

All members can put forward suitable candidates, however the nominations should be submitted to the EBU by a County official, to confirm that it has the approval of the County Committee. Nominations should be made using Dimmie Fleming Form or Silver Award Form by 19th August.

Dimmie Fleming Award previous winners
Silver Award previous winners

EBU Office Services

Please note the prices for EBU office services have been updated, effective from 1st July 2022. Details of the new rates are shown on the Office Services Price List.

Promotional Materials Play Bridge 2022

There are still Membership Drive packs available to clubs and counties. These packs, along with new banners, are available to order from the Bridge Warehouse. There is a maximum of 1 per county on a first come first served basis.

Young Chelsea had put one in the Tube Station. Others have put one outside the door of Bridge rooms to promote Bridge. They have also been displayed at Congresses.

Offers at Bridge Warehouse

We have two fantastic, limited time offers for you this month.

Box of 10 dozen Superluxe playing cards - Only £120.00 per box (Normally £150.00), not including postage. Limited offer – while stocks last.

Really Easy Books now only £7.99 Normally £9.99 + postage. There are 8 Really Easy books to choose from suitable for Beginners to Advanced.

For further information and details of no quibble guarantees etc, please see the Bridge Warehouse.

Club Director Training

EBED has new TD training courses bookable now for this autumn in Nottingham and Carlisle. We will shortly be announcing autumn dates in other areas including Bakewell, Newmarket and Salisbury. Please check our director training calendar for details, or contact Mark on 01296 317 218.

Club Teacher Training

Our teacher training course is being held in Solihull this July and we are scheduling further dates this autumn in York and Sevenoaks. Please check our teacher training calendar for details, or contact Mark on 01296 317 218.

Social Media and Blogs

Please let us know if you would like to suggest a blog article that can then be shared across social media. There is no cost for this, and we welcome your ideas. Examples of blogs include:

  1. Wish You Were Here series of blogs from Ros Wolfarth with itineraries for Eastbourne and the Summer Meeting
  2. The fall and rise of the Phoenix Bridge club
  3. Cafe bridge - bridge with a difference

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Please make suggestions to sam@ebu.co.uk

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