Frequently Asked Questions: Bridge - It's a Big Deal!

Why has the EBU partnered with Cancer Research UK?

1 in 2 people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime.

In the last 50 years, Cancer Research UK has helped double survival in the UK. The charity is working towards a world where everybody lives longer, better lives, free from the fear of cancer. Today, 2 in 4 people survive their cancer for at least 10 years. We want to help Cancer Research UK achieve the goal to accelerate progress and see 3 in 4 people surviving their cancer by 2034. Cancer Research UK supports research into the prevention and treatment of cancer through the work of over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses. 

Can we support Cancer Research UK if we are a club registered as a charity?

Yes, as long as the club and members are comfortable that doing this would align with their core purpose(s), as set out by the Charity Commission. You will find more information and guidance on the website which explains how charities may work with other charities.

How are Cancer Research UK supporting the Festival of Bridge?

Cancer Research UK are supporting our Festival of Bridge by providing personalised assistance tailored to the needs of the partnership. This assistance includes fundraising advice, branded materials and promoting the partnership across various platforms. Clubs can access this support by contacting Samantha Kelly with details of their event or activity which will then be forwarded to the account manager. A Cancer Research UK Relationship Manager will then reach out to the club to discuss their specific support needs. Cancer Research UK will also share the impact of this partnership and how the funds raised can contribute to life-saving research.

Together we are beating cancer.

How much do we hope to raise?

We hope to raise £60,000 for Cancer Research UK

How do I donate?

To help us reach our goal of £60,000 to support Cancer Research UK, you can donate at any time between now and the festival, on our English Bridge Union Donation Page.

 If you play any sessions during your event and would like the UMS donated from these events, please include "BIABD" in the title of your events when submitting your sessions.

Do all the events have to take place between 9-15 Sept?

No, events can take place at any time. The focus will be on events taking place between the 9-15 September, we will also welcome events to take place outside these dates and be part of the event, we will still list and promote them.

Will UMS be charged for sessions during the festival?

UMS charged will be charged at the usual rates for festival events, but will be donated to Cancer Research UK. Sessions should be submitted using the festival event code, details for which will follow nearer the time.

Where is it on?

It will take place throughout England, within many clubs and counties.

Where can I find out more about events near me?

Details for all events taking place will be listed on our event directory.

What type of events will be held?

The event will feature a wide variety of events, from club Sim Pairs to bridge marathons, taster sessions and much more.

Are there any plans to run nationwide events?  

We are hoping that there will a lot of local club and county level events. Nationally, there will be the EBED Autumn Sim Pairs 2024 running the week before and the National Handicap Pairs Championship. We may also run a national mini online knockout. Further details will be available on the events directory.

Who can get involved?

We are inviting all clubs, counties and players within England to take part in this very special event. We hope to see as many clubs and bridge players at this first take on what we hope to be an annual event. We are looking to see as many people take part as possible.

What are the benefits for clubs to get involved?

We expect that there will a lot of local club and county level events. The hope is these events will encourage current members to become more involved, previously lapsed members to return to the club and new members interested in joining. More information will be available in the new year to help you with ideas for and planning of events. 

How do I get involved?

We invite you to firstly commit to adding the event to your annual event calendar and spread the word to your members. We will be sending through all marketing materials, emails and any other materials you will need to advertise the event.

  • Please also join our Facebook Group
  • Please share the link to your social media groups and where possible include it on your website
  • Keep checking the festival webpage which will contain updates and news about the event
  • Email with any enquiries about the event
  • The donation page provided by Cancer Research UK is live and accepting donations
  • Please share any posts you see coming through from the EBU either on our home page or festival page to your members about the festival

What does it mean to be involved?

  • We hope that by promoting and running the event at your club it will attract not only new members but perhaps any lapsed players or those that have been reticent to recommence playing at the club. You can choose the style of event that suits your club, we hope you will see your player levels rise and increase club activity
  • We will be promoting the clubs that take part over social media and to the wider bridge community
  • Clubs that take part will also be mentioned in our regular correspondence re the event
  • You will be part of a greater cause by raising vital funds that will go directly to Cancer Research UK

What should I do next to take part?

If you think you may like to take part please do one or all of the following:

Will the EBU support me in promoting my event?

Yes, you can order marketing materials that we can supply. We will share on Facebook and Social media.

How do I order my marketing materials?

If you would like any fundraising advice or Cancer Research UK branded materials, such as banners or bunting etc, please contact Gemma Kitching on or 0203 469 6078.

Will there be prizes?

There will be acknowledgement for the club that raises the most money.

Cancer Research UK supported by the English Bridge Union