Promoting your events

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The EBU have created the below list to help you promote your events. If you would like any additional support, please email

Getting the word out about your bridge event is super important! It helps gather more people, creates a fun vibe and makes sure everyone has a fantastic time together as well as raising as much money as possible for our partners Cancer Research UK.

Ace of Spades

Pre-Event Planning Suggestions

1. Decide the date, location and activity for your event
2. Involve all club members. Send an email to all club members to make sure everyone knows what is happening and invite them to get involved.
3. Check out the resources page and order your festival pack
4. Download our poster templates (example 1, example 2 and example 3), personalise them and put them up in your club and around your town
5. Promote your event via your club and county website and newsletters
6. Email to add the details to the Map of Festival events
7. Post details of your event on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Include key details – date, time, venue and who to contact. Ask you friends and family to share the posts to advertise it to as many people as possible. Share your posts in the Bridge - It's a Big Deal! Facebook group. Contact to share the posts via the EBU social media accounts.
8. Write to your local newspaper and radio station, with a press release of what you are planning for your event. Include details such as the date, location and who is welcome to attend. If you like, use our press release template or email to help you.
9. Are any of your members local celebrities, councillors, or dignitaries? Do you know a local celebrity or dignitary that you could invite to the event? If they are willing to attend, ask if they will be willing to be photographed and included in any promotion for the event on social media etc. 
10. The EBU has set a fundraising target of £60,000 for Cancer Research UK, feel free to include this target in your promotion for the event, or set a local club or county target to aim towards.
11. If any of your members are willing to share their personal stories with cancer, these are often popular with local and social media and act as inspiration for people to get involved.
12. If you feel comfortable doing so, call in to your local radio station and offer to do a short interview about your event.


Two of Hearts

On the Day Suggestions

1. Prominently display details of how to make the donations
2. Welcome any non-members to your event
3. Remind people of the reason for the event is to raise funds for Cancer Research UK
4. Celebrate any fundraising targets hit
5. Take photos during the event. Group shots focusing on everyone attending, people playing or learning bridge, people having fun, make sure to include any decorations and the EBU and the Cancer Research UK logos, where possible.
6. Have fun!
7. Thank everyone for attending
8. Encourage non-members to get involved with any upcoming bridge sessions at your club, ask for their details so you can keep in touch


Three of Clubs

Post-Event Checklist

1. Take the time to celebrate the success of the day and give yourselves a pat on the back
2. Thank everyone for contributing
3. Count up the funds raised
4. Check all the photos you have taken
5. Celebrate the day on your club/county website and on social media
6. Share the best photos on the Bridge - It's a Big Deal! Facebook group
7. Send a follow-up press release to the local media, celebrating your event and letting people know how much money you raised. This is also a great opportunity to thank everyone involved in hosting the event and everyone who supported the event by getting involved.
8. Contact any new people who attended and let them know about upcoming bridge sessions/lessons


Cancer Reseach UK supported by the English Bridge Union