Ideas to Maximise Donations

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Thank you for your interest in joining in the festival. Our goal is to raise £60,000 for Cancer Research UK (Click here to donate now).

Here are several ways to maximise the donations from your Bridge - It's a Big Deal! events for the benefit of our partner Cancer Research UK.

  1. Entry Fees: Consider charging participants an entry fee to play in the bridge event. Ensure that the fee is reasonable and affordable for the target audience while also contributing to the fundraising goal. Highlight that the fee goes directly to Cancer Research UK.
  2. Sponsorships: For charity events, local businesses or individuals may be interested in supporting Cancer Research UK. This has the benefit of making connections with locals businesses while increasing the awareness of the event. The employees may like to attend the event as well! You could offer different sponsorship tiers with corresponding benefits such as logo placement, verbal acknowledgments during the event, or exclusive branding opportunities.
  3. Donations: Direct donations can be made to the fundraising page throughout the year directly on the Cancer Research UK EBU donations page. People may also want to donate cash on the day, to make it easy, have a donations box visible at the event.
  4. Silent Auctions or Raffles: Organise a silent auction or raffle during breaks or alongside the bridge event. Ask for donated items or services from local businesses or club members and auction them off or offer them as prizes, with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK.
  5. Food and Beverage Sales: If feasible, sell refreshments or snacks during the event. Partner with local vendors or ask for donations from food and beverage providers, allocating a percentage of sales or all profits to the Cancer Research UK.
  6. Online Fundraising Platforms: Make sure all participants are aware of the Cancer Research UK EBU donations page.
  7. Post-Event Engagement: After the event, continue fundraising efforts by sharing success stories, promoting donation opportunities, or organising follow-up activities that keep participants engaged.

Cancer Research UK supported by the English Bridge Union