Bronze Award

The Bronze Award is given in recognition of specific and significant service to English bridge at national level.

2023 Winners

Clive Owen (Warwickshire)

Clive was on the selection committee in the early part of the millennium and at that time was a great supporter of junior bridge. He was on the Appeals Referee’s panel for many years as well as more recently being on the Prosecution Panel of the L&E Committee. 

He has now just stood down from the Tournament Director’s Development Group, of which he was a diligent member for the last ten years and it is in recognition of this tireless voluntary work for the EBU that we are glad to give him the EBU Bronze Award.

2022 Winners

Frances Hinden

Frances Hinden not only leads a busy professional life and spends a lot of time at the Bridge table, but also she has served on the Laws and Ethics Committee for 24 years, 11 of those years as Vice-Chair, always the power behind the throne. In that role she has combined an interest with the minutiae of the laws and a commitment to keeping the game straight. In the light of this singular contribution, we are making her one of the first two recipients of our new Bronze Award.

Sarah Bell

When Covid arrived and Bridge went online, the EBU was deluged with allegations of cheating, and was ill-equipped to deal with so many at one time. Evidence-gathering was crucial, and Sarah Bell stepped forward, and with a group of analysts formed the Online Ethics Investigation Group. The amount of work this group put in was phenomenal, literally thousands of hours, and Sarah was at the vanguard, bearing the brunt of it. A Bronze Award for such a massive contribution was really the least the Board could do by way of thanks.