The Whitelaw Cup: English Womens Teams Championship

This event started in 1935 and ran until 2012. In the last two years it was run under licence by Warwickshire. In the early years of the Lady Milne (1950 onwards) the winners of the Whitelaw Cup were picked to represent England in the Lady Milne. In pre-war years it was a BBL competition. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s it was sponsored by Helena Rubenstein.

Between 1988-1991 the event was played in two venues followed by a play off. It reverted to a single venue (Coventry) in 1992.

Last updated 27 April 18

Year Players
1935 Mrs Weech, Miss Gardiner, Mrs Davies, Miss McKenzie
1936 Mrs J Hopewell, Mrs Briers, Mrs Bell, Miss GE Hancock, Mrs D Kleuser
1937 Mrs J Hopewell, Mrs Briers, Mrs Bell, Miss GE Hancock
1938 Alice Gordon Evers, Doris Lady Rhodes, Pat Gardener, Mrs Johnson
1939 Mrs Godfrey, Miss P Inskip, Mrs Monck Mason, Mrs Spencer Cox
1940-45 No competition
1946 Mrs D Kleuser, Mrs J Hopewell, Mrs L Hadfield, Mrs MS Rankin
1947 Dimmie Fleming, Doris Lady Rhodes, Rixi Markus, Dorothy Pearson
1948 Mrs SC Castell, Mrs AW Hardie, Mrs A Hurner, Mrs M Ingram
1949 Mrs JA McDonnell, Pat Gardener, Mrs A Alder, Mrs A Turner, Mrs E Gordon, Mrs M Newman
1950 Alison Crisford, Mrs Carr, Mrs M Davies, Mrs Preedy, Pat Gardener, Mrs Le Couteur
1951 Dimmie Fleming, Fritzi Gordon, Rixi Markus, Dorothy Pearson, Doris Lady Rhodes
1952 Phyllis Williams, Penguin Evans, Pat Gardener, Marjorie Lester, Dorothy Shanahan
1953 Dimmie Fleming, Fritzi Gordon, Rixi Markus, Dorothy Pearson, Doris Lady Rhodes
1954 Mrs JA McDonnell, Mrs DE Coen, Marjorie Lester, Mrs Summers
1955 Mrs JA McDonnell, Mrs DE Coen, Pat Gardener, Brinda Gordon
1956 Rixi Markus, Doris Lady Rhodes, Fritzi Gordon, Phyllis Williams, Dorothy Shanahan, Joan Durran
1957 Mrs J Craig, Miss J Evans, Mrs J Evins, Mrs O Goodall
1958 Dimmie Fleming, Fritzi Gordon, Rene Corwen, Rita Oldroyd
1959 Dimmie Fleming, Fritzi Gordon, Mrs A Gardener, Honor Rye (Flint), Dorothy Pearson, Mrs J Moss
1960 Rixi Markus, Joan Durran, Doris Lady Rhodes, Marjorie Whitaker
1961 Rixi Markus, Fritzi Gordon, Rene Corwen, Rita Oldroyd, Gemmy Higginson, Marjorie Whitaker
1962 Rixi Markus, Fritzi Gordon, Rita Oldroyd, Rene Corwen, Gemmy Higginson, Marjorie Whitaker
1963 Rixi Markus, Fritzi Gordon, Rita Oldroyd, Rene Corwen, Joan Durran, Marjorie Whitaker
1964 Phyllis Williams, A Alder, Pip Della Porta, Betty Harris (Fox)
1965 Mrs J Craig, Miss S Evans, Mrs J Evins, Mrs O Goodall
1966 Rixi Markus, Joan Durran, Jane Priday, Dorothy Shanahan, Phyllis Williams
1967 Phyllis Williams, Marjorie Whitaker, Pip Della Porta, Betty Harris (Fox)
1968 Joan Durran, Jane Priday, Mrs RE Phillips, Nina Thomas
1969 Herta Schindler, Mrs R Banerjee, Mrs D Gough, Marie Britt (Gritt)
1970 Dimmie Fleming, Honor Flint, Pat Gardener, Penguin Evans
1971 Dorothy Shanahan, Sandra Landy, Rita Oldroyd, Nicola Gardener (Smith)
1972 Dimmie Fleming, Pat Gardener, Honor Flint, Penguin Evans
1973 Marisa Bianchi, Rina Jabes, Maria Antonia Robaudo, Luciano Canessa, Anna Valenti, Maria Venturini
1974 Charley Esterson, Maureen Berman (Hiron), Ann Kirch, Maria Luce Dixon
1975 Sandra Landy, Rita Oldroyd, Charley Esterson, Maureen Berman (Hiron), Nicola Gardener (Smith)
1976 Mrs B Hannam, Mrs H Humble, Mrs E Mayer, Mrs J Ryan
1977 Valerie Austwick, Hedy Brown, Mrs G Frances, Lynne Hayes
1978 Sandra Landy, Sally Sowter (Brock), Ann Kirch, Rita Oldroyd
1979 Kathy Garfield, Mrs M Banner, Cicely Linfield, Mrs B Carr
1980 Rixi Markus, Joan Durran, Dimmie Fleming, Vida Bingham
1981 Rixi Markus, Dimmie Fleming, Vida Bingham, Joan Durran
1982 Pat Davies, Nicola Gardener (Smith), Sally Horton (Brock), Sandra Landy
1983 Mrs H Humble, Mrs J Ryan, Mrs D Hoopper, Miss S Furlonger
1984 Sandra Landy, Sally Horton (Brock), Nicola Smith, Pat Davies
1985 Lynne Hayes, Pam Cohen, Jane Sutcliffe (Moore), Margaret McCarthy
1986 Maureen Dennison, Fiona Brickwood, Anna Brabner (Gudge), Sandra Penfold
1987 Sandra Landy, Nicola Smith, Pat Davies, Michelle Brunner
1988 Coventry Overall winners Sandra Penfold, Liz McGowan, Fiona Brickwood, Maureen Dennison
1988 Eastbourne Liz Phillips, Evelyn Pritchard, Ginnie Curtis, Beryl Absalom
1989 Eastbourne Pat Davies, Nicola Smith, Sandra Landy, Michelle Brunner, Gillian Salt (Fawcett), Kay Preddy
1989 Coventry Margaret Curtis, Beryl Kerr, Hedy Brown, Valerie Austwick
1990 Leicester Sandra Penfold, Jill Casey, Kay Preddy, Liz McGowan
1990 Newbury Overall winners Michele Handley, Sandra Landy, Heather Dunstan (Dhondy), Sally Dunsby (Anoyrkatis)
1991 Newbury Heather Dunstan (Dhondy), Sally Dunsby (Anoyrkatis), Sandra Landy, Michele Handley
1991 Leicester Sandra Penfold, Liz McGowan, Jill Casey, Kay Preddy, Nevena Deleva (Senior), Marietta Ivanova
1992 Sandra Landy, Michele Handley, Nicola Smith, Sally Horton (Brock)
1993 Su Burn, Abbey Walker (Smith), Gilly Clench, Liz McGowan
1994 Pat Davies, Nicola Smith, Sandra Landy, Michelle Handley (Barker), Kay Preddy, Jill Casey
1995 Beryl Kerr, Rob Trayman, Sandy Davies, Carole Kelly
1996 Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker, Lizzie Godfrey, Jacqui Tobias
1997 Sarah Teshome, Sandra Penfold, Nevena Senior, D Grigova
1998 Christine Duckworth, Jane Moore, Su Burn (King), Agnes Wesseling
1999 Sarah Teshome, Sandra Penfold, Nevena Senior, Maria Erhart
2000 Liz Reese, Georgia Ray, Kath Nelson, Liz Muir
2001 Sarah Teshome, Sandra Penfold, Nevena Senior, Sally Brock, Sandra Landy
2002 Sarah Teshome, Sandra Penfold, Catherine Jagger, Nevena Senior
2003 this event was moved to February of the following year
2004 Caroline Macpherson, Jackie Waters, Sheila Coda & Gina Howard
2005 Kitty Teltscher, Sally Brock, Nicola Smith, Heather Dhondy
2006 Sandra Penfold, Nevena Senior, Liz Reese, Liz Muir
2007 Rhona Goldenfield, Heather Dhondy, Michelle Brunner, Sarah Teshome, Catherine Jagger, Nicola Smith (picture)
2008 Catherine Jagger, Sarah Teshome, Fiona Brown, Susan Stockdale (picture)
2009 Catherine Seale & Nevena Senior, Catherine Draper & Anne Rosen
2010 Catherine Jagger & Sally Brock, Susanna Gross & Catherine Seale (picture)
2011 Jean Squires & Pat Savage, Audrey Macleod & Jo Whitty
2012 Christine Jepson & Liz Lancaster, Liz Hoskins & Jill Armstrong (picture)