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Welcome to the Event Hub for the Summer Meeting 2015. Here you will find links to results, articles, important information and photos from the event. We hope you'll check back frequently as this is updated. For information and links to help plan your trip to Brighton please see the 'pre-congress' information page.

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The programme for the Summer Meeting is available to download here

Convention cards

Please ensure both you and your partner each have a fully completed convention card. You are required to have a pair of identical completed system cards and you should exchange them with your opponents at the start of each round. If you do not have two completed system cards, you will be provided with blank ones to fill out before play may continue, receiving a score of average minus for any boards unplayed due to the time lost in doing this. WBF system cards are not permitted in any of the competitions in this event. Visitors from abroad are asked to take particular care to comply with this. Blank cards, and some pre-completed cards, are available here.

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You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook during the congress. As well as posting things here we will also post them on our accounts so will get the news straight to your timelines. If you tweet from the congress, do mention us, or use the hashtag #EBUSummerMeeting.


Friday 14th Swiss Pairs Session 1 Late Night Speedball - Pairs
Saturday 15th Swiss Pairs
Session 2; session 3
Bracketed Pairs -
session 1; A final; B final
Late Night Speedball - teams
Sunday 16th Swiss Pairs
Session 4; Overall; Prize rankings
Bracketed Teams -
session 1; A final; B final
Open Pairs Open Teams
Monday 17th Afternoon Open Pairs Play with the Expert Pairs Senior Pairs, qualifying round
Tuesday 18th Afternoon Open Pairs Senior Pairs
semi-final; consolation semi-final
'A' Final; 'B' Final;
consolation Final
Under 25 Championship Pairs
1st session; 2nd session; overall
GCH Fox Championship Pairs
Wednesday 19th Afternoon Open Pairs Senior Teams
session 1;
Mixed Pivot Teams Late night Speedball
Thursday 20th Afternoon Open Pairs Senior Teams
session 2; Overall
Mixed Pairs Midweek Knockout Competition
Friday 21st Afternoon Open Pairs Point-a-Board Teams
Red section; White section
Swiss Teams - session 1 Late night speedball
Saturday 22nd Swiss Teams - session 2; session 3 One Day Swiss Pairs Late night speedball
Sunday 23rd Four Star teams
A final - session 1; session 2; overall
B final - session 1; session 2; overall
Swiss Teams - session 4; overall One Day Swiss Pairs

Really Easy and Next Step Congress Results

Monday 17th First Step - session 1
Tuesday 18th First Step - session 2 Next Step - session 1; session 2
Wednesday 19th Really Easy Swiss Pairs Wednesday evening teams
Yellow section; Green section
Thursday 20th Next Step Pairs - Thursday afternoon

Eastbourne 2016

News and updates

AUG‑24, 11:36 Thank you to everyone who joined us over the last ten days for an excellent final Brighton. Whether you were there for one day or the whole event, and for a competition or a lesson, we hope you enjoyed your congress.
We hope to see you in Eastbourne in August 2016 for the start of a new and exciting chapter in the history of the Summer Meeting.
AUG‑24, 09:04
Congratulations to Frances Hinden, Graham Osborne, Jeffrey Allerton & Peter Lee, winners of the Four Stars Teams event. Having qualified for the final in joint sixth place, they won only four of the seven matches, but picked up enough VPs to take the title by a single point. The team of Erik Berg, Glyn Liggins, Steffen Fre Simonsen, Helen Erichsen & Espen Erichsen, which qualified for the finals in first place, finished second. The team of Richard Butland, John Reardon, Peter Law & Patrick Collins were third in a closely contested final.
AUG‑24, 09:04
The 'B' final in the Four Stars Teams event was even more closely fought than the 'A' final, with only 7 VPs covering the first four teams, and with ties both at the top and for third. The teams of Ed Scerri, Barry Myers, Gad Chadha & Malcolm Harris, and Ingar Hansen, Peter Taylor, John Howard & Mike Scoltock both finished on 79 VPs from seven matches, however the Scerri team took the trophy by virtue of their head-to-head victory. Congratulations to them. The junior team of Stephen Kennedy, Michael Alishaw, Sam Behrens & Ben Norton, and the team of Robert Covill, Irene Robinson, Mike Hamon & Mike Huggins both finished on 72 VPs.
AUG‑24, 09:04
Congratulations to Sam Punch, Tim Rees, Derek Sanders & Stephen Peterkin, winners of the Brighton Bowl - the consolation event for Four Stars Teams competition. Having missed qualification for the finals by a single VP, the Rees team won their four matches on Sunday to take the title by 6 VPs. The team of Alan Shillitoe, Alex Roberts, Toby Nonnenmacher & Freddie Illingworth were second, with Nicola Smith, Sally Brock, Kevin Castner & David Gold in third a further 2 VPs back.
AUG‑24, 09:04
The One Day Swiss Pairs event on Saturday finished in a tie, with Barbara Cohen & Barry Murray and Owen Leigh & Brian Stanley both finishing on 90 VPs. Owen & Brian beat Barbara & Barry 11-9 in the final match to force the tie and take the title by virtue of their head-to-head victory. Results; Picture
The One Day Swiss Pairs on Sunday was won by Marc Lee & Simon Richards (pictured above) who won all six matches and finished on 93 VPs. John Austin & Ron Seymour, who won six matches and drew one, finished second on 87 VPs. Results
The prize for the best combined results across the two days went to Simon Carter & Jeff Clargo. Picture
AUG‑23 12:47 In his newest article, Brian Senior looks at hands from the early rounds of the Four Stars Teams event - Article 9.
AUG‑23, 12:20
The Sunday morning discussion with the experts featured Junior Coach Alan Shillitoe (right), and two future stars of English bridge, junior internationals Alex Roberts (left) and Tom Paske.
AUG‑23, 10:04 After three rounds of the Swiss Teams, the leading team was Erik Berg, Glyn Liggins, Steffen Fre Simonsen, Helen Erichsen & Espen Erichsen. They finished on 138 VPs, The top eight teams qualify for the Four Stars Final, which is an all-play-all format. The next eight teams qualify for the 'B' final. The remainder continue playing in the Swiss Teams for the Brighton Bowl.
AUG‑23, 10:04 The Late Night Speedball was won by the team of Michael Byrne, Andrew Murphy, Tom Paske & Ed Jones - they finished an enormous 121 VPs ahead of the field.
AUG‑22, 21:32
Prior to the start of the third session of the Swiss Teams, the prize giving took place for the main competitions held earlier in the meeting. Photographs of the winners (including those from some of the One Day and Really Easy events) are available in this album.
AUG‑22, 21:04 Congratulations to Owen Leigh & Brian Stanley, winners of the One Day Stratified Swiss Pairs event. They finished level on 90 VPs with Barbara Cohen & Barry Murray, but took the title by virtue of winning all six of their matches. Simon Carter & Jeff Clargo were third with 88 VPs
AUG‑22, 21:04 After two session of the Four Stars Swiss Teams event, the team of Ed Scerri, Barry Myers, Gad Chadha & Malcolm Harris lead with 103 VPs. The Black team is second on 100 VPs, the Senior team third on 98 VPs.
AUG‑22, 11:40
The Saturday morning discussion with the experts featured Hugh McGann (Irish international and twice winner of the Four Stars Teams), and Kieran Dyke & Michael Byrne (the Swiss Pairs winners on the first weekend).
AUG‑22, 11:04 After the first session of the Four Stars Swiss Teams event, the team of Rob Cliffe, Alan Mayo, Malcolm Pryor & Karen Pryor lead with 49VPs. The Letts and Raine teams are tied on 48VPs and the Catchpole team has 47VPs.
AUG‑21, 18:04 Congratulations to the winners of the Midweek Knockout competition. The team of Chris Cooper, Steve Raine, Michael Byrne, Tom Paske, Tom Townsend & Alastair Kent beat the team captained by Peter Clinch in the final.
AUG‑21, 17:04 Congratulations to the winners on Friday afternoon. Alan & Olivia Woo, finished narrowly ahead of Tom Dessain & Tugrul Kaban in the Open Pairs - Results. In the Point-a-Board teams, Malcolm Harris, Gad Chadha, Stephen Peterkin, & Sam Punch won in the Red section - Red section results; and John Atthey, Yvonne Wiseman, Simon Cope & Alex Roberts won in the White section - White section results.
AUG‑21 14:47
On Friday morning Brian Senior gave an Advanced Seminar on pre-empting. His written summary of his talk is available here: Pre-empting today.
He has also contributed a number of articles on hands played at the Summer Meeting: article 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
AUG‑21, 09:34 Congratulations to Tom Paske & Yvonne Wiseman, winners of the Mixed Pairs Championship. They finished on 67.28%, three percent ahead of Michael Byrne & Rhona Goldenfield.
AUG‑20, 18:34 Congratulations to Irving Gordon, Antony Milford, Liz McGowan & David Liggat, winners of the Swiss Teams in the Mercian Travel Seniors Congress. They finished on 120 VPs from eight matches, fifteen points ahead of Alan Bailey, Roger Morton, David Dickson & Mike Hill.
AUG‑20, 18:34 Congratulations to Ankush Khandelwal & Jonathan Richards, winners of the Thursday afternoon Open pairs with 62.43%. Alan Woo & Paul Lamford were second with 62.06%.
AUG‑20, 16:37
Congratulations to all the winners in the Really Easy Congress. Pictured are Adrian Rutter & Beverley Rutter, winners of the main Swiss Pairs event. Other pictures are available in the event photo gallery
AUG‑20 13:47 In his latest article, Brian Senior looks at a disaster from the Mixed Pivot Teams. Article 8.
Brian will be giving an advanced seminar on pre-empting, tomorrow at 11am.
AUG‑20, 12:37
The Thursday morning discussion with 'the' experts was with Simon Cope and Michael Byrne. With them both recounting nearly as many humorous tales of failure as tales of success from the previous evening's hands, no wonder Simon looks a little downcast in this picture.
AUG‑20, 12:34 Congratulations to the winners of the Middlesex Cup, for mixed pivot teams, Sam Punch, Stephen Peterkin, Derek Sanders & Deidrie Sanders. They finished on 96 IMPs, a long way ahead of the second placed team - Ewa Kater, Tom Townsend, Tommy Brass & Chris Derrick - who scored 67 IMPs.
AUG‑20, 12:34 The Wednesday evening teams event in the Really Easy Congress was won by Len Claxton, Mary Claxton, Annette Syrett & Diane Paler in the Yellow section, and Mags Hutchinson, John Ellis-Gittins, Eva Glover & Penny Clarke in the Green section.
AUG‑19, 19:00
Congratulations to two TD's on their recent promotions. Sarah Amos is now a National TD - the first lady to reach the position - and Gary Conrad is a Senior Congress TD.
AUG‑19, 18:34 The first session of the Swiss Teams in the Mercian Travel Seniors Congress took place on Wednesday afternoon. The leading team were Irving Gordon, Antony Milford, Liz McGowan & David Liggat
AUG‑19, 18:34 The Wednesday afternoon Open Pairs was won by Steve Raine & Phil Godfrey with 65.01%. Gunnar Hallberg & Alan Gillespie were second with 64.03%.
AUG‑19, 18:34 Congratulations to Adrian Rutter & Beverley Rutter who won the Really Easy Swiss Pairs with a score of 105 from their seven matches. Howard Da Vall & Shirley Price were second with 99, and Linda Wilson & Ingrid Boyd were third on 96.
AUG‑18 12:17 Two new articles from Brian Senior are now available. In article 6 he looks at deals from the Seniors Pairs. In article 7 he tries to find the answer to a double-dummy conundrum - article 6; article 7.
AUG‑19, 16:22
Congratulations to Dawn Tointon & Zoe Stockdale, the leading 'First Step' pair in the Really Easy Swiss Pairs, and to all the 'First Steppers' participating in their first (hopefully of many) Summer Meeting (group picture).
AUG‑19, 12:22
The Really Easy Congress is holding its Swiss Pairs event today, with many players experiencing their first 'Swiss' event.
AUG‑19, 12:02
The 'Discuss it with the Experts' seminar on Wednesday morning was given by former World and European Champion Pat Davies, and former World and European Senior Champion John Holland.
AUG‑19, 10:34 Congratulations to Brian Senior & Geoffrey Wolfarth, winners of the Pairs Championship in the Mercian Travel Seniors Congress. Warner Solomon & Mike Fithyan were second, with Rhona Goldenfield & Bernard Goldenfield in third. The B Final was won by Andrew Moore & Jane Moore, and the Consolation Final by David Dickson & Alan Nelson.
AUG‑19, 10:34 Congratulations to Bas Engelen & Frank Engelen who won the GCH Fox Championship Pairs with 62.50%. Ewa Kater & Tom Townsend were second with 60.62%, and Mike Hamon & Gad Chadha were third with 59.29%.
AUG‑19, 10:32
The Under 25 Championship Pairs winners - Basil Letts and Sean Mekie.
AUG‑18, 22:34 The winners in Tuesday's Next Step events were: Afternoon - Mags Hutchinson & John Ellis-Gittins (North/South), and Sandy Reimoser & Sue Simpson (East/West); Evening - Rod Johnston & Brenda Miller (North/South), and Eva Glover & Penny Clarke (East/West). Afternoon - session 1; Evening session 2
AUG‑18, 20:04 Congratulations to Sean Mekie & Basil Letts, winners of the Under 25 Championship Pairs. They finished on 37.17IMPs with Toby Nonnenmacher & Michael Alishaw second on 31.5, and Nick Dean & Yvonne Wiseman third on 28.5. The highest placed Under 19 pair were Daniel Winter & Jack Ronayne.
AUG‑18, 18:04 The Tuesday afternoon Open Pairs was won by Andrew Murphy & Simon Cope with 68.14%. Michael Byrne & Simon Creasey were second with 66.65%.
AUG‑18, 12:32
The Under 25 Championship Pairs is underway with 28 juniors battling for the title, and the opportunity to play for England in a future junior international event.
AUG‑18 12:17 In his 5th article, Brian Senior discusses three more hands from the weekend's Swiss Pairs - article 5.
AUG‑18, 10:04 The qualifying round of the Senior Pairs, part of the Mercian Travel Seniors Congress, took place on Monday evening. The leading pair was Alan Kay & Jeremy Dhondy with 62.92%, narrowly ahead of David Jackson & Tom Gibson on 62.82%. The final takes place on Tuesday evening.
AUG‑18, 09:40 The Play with the Expert Pairs has been won by David Gold & Kevin Castner. There was a tie for the leading East-West pair between Steve Raine & John Atthey, and Pam Pearce & Jane Morton.
AUG‑18, 09:40
The first competition of the Really Easy Congress was won by Pauline Sparkes & Robin Sparkes. Peter Webster & Zoe Stockdale were second, earning them their first ever Master Points.
AUG‑17, 20:00 Congratulations to Prasannajit Da Silva & Steve Lock, winners of the Monday afternoon Open Pairs with 66.35%.
AUG‑17, 17:00 By winning the Swiss Pairs, Michael Byrne and Kieran Dyke have risen to 13th=* and 16th=* respectively in the Player of the Year Championship standings. David Gold picked up a point by finishing fifth to increase his lead. Updated standings. (* - updated after a rescoring)
AUG‑17, 11:32
The Really Easy Congress has started, with those participating in the First Step events attending a lesson on 'recognising a slam hand'. The event continues with play sessions and lessons for both the First Step and Next Step groups.
AUG‑17 1447 In Brian Senior's latest article he looks at three deals which helped Michael Byrne and Kieran Dyke win the Swiss Pairs - article 4.
AUG‑17, 11:32
Club Director Training has begun today, with Mike Amos guiding the future Club Directors.
AUG‑17 1047 The Brighton Plate, for the leading C stratification pair in the Swiss Pairs event, was won by Olivia Bailey and Nick Dean. They finished =47th out of the 287 pairs in the competition. Prize rankings
AUG‑17 1007 The Open Teams event on Sunday evening was won by the junior team of Adam Bowden, Carina Negreanu, Nick Dean & Basil Letts.
AUG‑17 1007 It was a family affair in the Open Pairs on Sunday evening. Mother and son pairing Sarah Teshome & Daniel won with 63.74%, and father and son pairing, Gabriel & Giles Ip were second with 61.21%.
AUG‑16 1907 Brian Senior has reflected on two hands from the second session of the Swiss Pairs, and also writes about an unusual result from session 3. Article 2; Article 3
AUG‑16, 11:32
The Sunday morning seminar saw David Gold address a large audience, with great advice and laughter in equal measure.
AUG‑16, 18:42
Congratulations to Chris Taylor, Paul Spencer, Mark Chawner & Sandy Riach, winners of the Bracketed Pairs event. The B final was won jointly by Lorraine Jones, Peter Owen-Smith, Carol Benzie & Rita Todd and Brian Crack, Shirley Goldwin, Colin Wilson & Diana Avis (joint picture) A final; B final
AUG‑16, 18:02 Congratulations to Michael Byrne & Kieran Dyke, winners of the Harold Poster Cup for the Swiss Pairs event. They finished level with David Arundel & Andrew Bannock on 197 VPs, and Michael & Kieran took the title on the tiebreaker, having won 11 matches and drawn two, compared with David and Andrew's 11 wins. Jeremy Dhondy & Andy Hughes were third on 195. Scores.
AUG‑16, 15:36 The Hilton has a special offer for participants. Tickets for the evening buffet can be purchased at the bar in the congress hall for the discount price of £10 (usually £15).
AUG‑15, 19:02 The two late night speedballs of the weekend have been won by Jason Hackett & Laura Covill (pairs) and Tracy Capal, David Sherman, Szczepan Smoczynski & Peter Hasenson (teams) - pairs; teams
AUG‑15, 19:02 After three sessions of the Swiss Pairs, Mike Ash and Christopher Chambers lead by 9 VPs. Tarim Badiani & Patrick Bocken, and David Arundel & Andrew Bannock are tied in second. The event concludes with four sessions on Sunday afternoon.
AUG‑16 0107 Brian Senior will be contributing articles on interesting hands he plays during the Summer Meeting. His first contribution looks at two defensive hands from Friday evening. Article 1
AUG‑15, 23:02 Congratulations to Bernard Mitchell and James Taylor, winners of the Bracketed Pairs event (picture). The B final was won by Chris Frost and Phil Stanton (picture)
AUG‑15, 19:02 After two sessions of the Swisa Pairs, Jeff Smith and Kath Nelson lead by 7 VPs from Andrew Robson and Alexander Allfrey.
AUG‑15, 11:32
Andrew Robson attracted another large audience for the 'Discuss it with the Expert' seminar on Saturday morning. By the end it was 'standing room only'.
AUG‑15, 09:02 After the first session of the Swiss Pairs event for the Harold Poster Trophy, there is a tie at the top on 54VPs between Peter Crouch & Richard Plackett, and David Armstrong & Jill Armstrong. Sarah O'Connor & Anne Rosen, and Norman Selway & Kay Preddy are on 52 VPs.
AUG‑14, 21:32
The EBU Summer Meeting is underway as EBU Chairman Jeremy Dhondy welcomed everyone to Brighton for the final time. Entries for the Swiss Pairs for the Harold Poster Cup showed an increase on 2014, follow a flurry of late entries.
AUG‑14, 16:42 Those thinking of joining us in Eastbourne in 2016 may enjoy this video of what you have to look forward to; those who are unsure whether to take part may be keener to take part once they have seen what Eastbourne and the Winter Garden has to offer. Watch it here
AUG‑14, 16:42 Pictures from the 2015 Summer Meeting will be added to this album.
AUG‑11, 15:42 The programme for the Summer Meeting is available to download here.
AUG‑10, 14:19 Throughout the congress Brian Senior will again be writing articles reflecting on some of the hands he plays during the event. To whet your appetite he has contributed a report on the final round of the European Youth Championships, held in Norway last month.
AUG‑07, 11:39 The lesson topics for the Really easy Congress have been confirmed. The First Step lessons will cover 'Recognising a slam hand' and 'Trump promotion'; the Next Step lesson will cover 'Elimination and end play'.
AUG‑05, 14:39 We are pleased to announce our first names for the 'Discuss it with the Experts' seminars. Andrew Robson, Brian Senior, Patrick Collins and Bill Hirst will be among the elite players joining us to talk about the hands they have played during the congress. The sessions start at 11am and are held on both Saturdays, both Sundays, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
MAY‑15, 15:36 Following the announcement that the 2016 Summer Meeting will be in Eastbourne, we are pleased to report that those entering the full congress in Brighton in 2015 will receive a £50 discount on their entry for the full congress in Eastbourne in 2016. Please use the entry form or enter online through the members area.

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