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Year End  Congress – Roll up, Roll Up for the Festive Mix ‘n Match Game

27th to 30th December at ILEC, London
Or – Rossie’s “thought for the day” on a little local difficulty.

You may have seen some of my Blogs over the summer on the Eastbourne Summer Meeting, and latterly on Year End. What I have attempted to do in my ramblings is to encourage you back to Face to Face Bridge. And you have been coming, at club, county and National level, so thank you.


Playing Card with Children part 4 (Play your cards right)

In the fourth part of our series of card games to play with children we look at the fun game of Play Your Cards Right. This game requires at least two people.

This game reinforces understanding of number values and also introduces the concept of probability. For example if a 2 is turned up it is more probable that the next card will be of a higher, rather than lower value.