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Blog entries prior to 2021.

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Junior European Team Championships - Day 2

The weather has cooled down considerably last night and we managed to get a decent night of sleep.

The first three opponents of the day, Turkey, Norway and Bulgaria, proved not to be the toughest competition. Our players played very solid bridge throughout and waited for the IMPS to come their way. And they duly deed; we punished all of their mistakes (and we made a couple of our own) and in the end we scored over 54 VPs out of the three matches


Junior European Team Championships - Day 1

After a night where the horrible heat has made sleeping uneasy, we were finally at the table playing bridge.

And by “we” I mean “they”. I wish I could play a few hands. Being a Non-playing captain is a bit of a torture.

I describe it to my non bridge playing friends as walking in a room where the best food in the world is on display; you are starving; everyone else around you is eating and you are not allowed to do so.


Junior European Team Championships - Day 0

Here we go again at last.

Over three years since the last Face to face international competition – with the World Championships first postponed in 2020 and then definitely cancelled in 2021 – the U16 are back to compete on stage at the Junior European Championships, in Veldhoven, Netherlands.

The disruptions that Covid has brought upon us don’t need to be repeated. For the youngsters playing bridge, on top of everything else, it has meant that those born in 2005 have lost completely the chance to play in a major tournament, at least as U16s.