Open Days

Bridge Club Open Days can be a good way to attract people in to the club and maybe get them interested in playing bridge!

You may also like to have a short game of Minibridge to help people become more comfortable playing cards.

Ace of Spades

Select a Date and Time
Select a suitable date and time bearing in mind what kind of people you are hoping to attract. If there is an event going on in the town or city where your club is which will be attracting people it may be good to combine with this.


Two of Hearts

Decide what will be going on at the club for people to see. At a minimum you will probably want some people playing and one or two more members who can talk to people who come in, can explain what is going on and answer their questions.


Three of Clubs

Taster Session
Plan a Taster Session either as part of the Open Day or for a date in the future so people who are interested can have a go themselves. Get contact details from people who are intersted so you can keep in touch.


Four of Diamonds

Advertise the event locally and on the bridge club's website. Ask members to tell their friends and encourage them to come along!