Funding arrangements

Funding is now available nationally to introduce pupils and staff to the game at no cost to schools through the EBU:

  • A teacher’s interactive program is included in the funded package on a free two-year trial licence
  • Training sessions are about 3 hours. (Two sessions of about 80 minutes are required with a short break in between). This can depend on where your school is located in the UK, so we'll confirm at the time of booking.
  • The ideal minimum participation is 40 pupils and two qualified staff members
  • The ideal pupil age range is 8 – 11, but children can be younger.
  • Sessions are great fun and intensely practical. Most of the time is spent learning to play Minibridge while “discovering” its educational potential.
  • Children usually want to play on for far longer than three hours; such is its all-round appeal.
  • For each session, we normally require use of a computer and projector.

Once the session is complete, the EBU will send a schools box which includes various items to help in the teaching:

    • Welcome Letter
    • 16 packs of cards
    • Minibridge starter card
    • Ruffian (our special newsletter for the initiaitive)
    • Minibridge and its National Curriculum links
    • Some extra Minibridge hands
    • Promotional Posters x 2
    • Minibridge User Guide
    • English Bridge Magazine
    • Really Easy Bidding Book
    • and other bits & pieces

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