Scottish Team win Silver Plate for the first time

The Silver Plate has been won by a Scottish Team for the first time in the history of the competition.

The Silver Plate is the consolation event for the Gold Cup.

The Silver Plate is for English or Welsh teams defeated in either the first or second round of the Gold Cup. Scotland has a separate consolation event, the winners of which drop into the Silver Plate at the quarter-final stage.

The 2018 Silver Plate involved 70 English teams and one Welsh team, plus the winning Scottish team (who joined in at the quarter finals stage).

The final, played yesterday at Cardiff Bridge Club was between the Welsh and the Scots. The Scottish team (pictured) of John Dick (capt), Eddie McGeough, Kevin Strathern and David Wiseman beat the Welsh team of Mike Best (capt), Mark Roderick, Simon Richards and Trevor Towers (Kevin Maddox played in an earlier round) by 8 IMPs (picture of both teams).

Derek Oram goes top of All Time masterpoint list

Some time in November last year, quite probably unbeknownst to those playing, Derek Oram broke a very long-standing record, becoming the top masterpoint scorer in English history. John Durden, who sadly passed away in 2005, had built up such a huge lead at the top that it took over 13 years to catch him up.

Masterpoint records from the early years are unfortunately a little patchy. When they were digitised in the 1990s, they went on to the new database in one big lump, so we have no way of knowing, for example, who was #1 in 1985. But from the data we have available, it seems likely that John had held the number one spot for at least 30 years, and it may well be longer.

If you click read more, you can see some rankings from key years in the past.

John Holland tops Master Point list; Club Champions announced

John Holland has regained the Sunday Telegraph Salver, for the most Master Points earned in the calendar year.

John, who has won the competition on six previous occasions, earned 26,361 points in 2018. Gary Hyett, was second with 21,699. Celia Oram and Derek Oram were joint third with 20,365. John also topped the Gold Point list.

The highest scoring Junior was Ben Norton, with last year's winner Shahzaad Natt in second.

In the All Time Leaderboard, Derek Oram is now top with 847,077 points, having overtaken John Durden.

Lederer Memorial Trophy

This year's Lederer Memorial Trophy, run by the London Metropolitan Bridge association, takes place this weekend, at the RAC in Pall Mall. Ten top-flight teams are invited to take part, and amongst those coming from far and wide are (in alphabetical order) Peter Berteau; Dennis Bilde; Boye Brogeland; David Gold; Gunnar Hallberg; John Holland; Krzysztof Kotorowicz; Cedric Lorenzini; Andrew Robson and last - but by no means least - Zia, plus too many world class players to mention.

Play starts at 12 noon on Saturday, 11 am on Sunday. There will be BBO coverage throughout.

If you're planning to drop by and watch in person, please observe the RAC weekend dress code.


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